Nov 18, 2012

Look what I got!

Hello people!  The sun is still shining and the tech kid is coming this afternoon.  Thought I better do a post to let you know.  The next post, whenever it may be, could be from my yard while sitting in broken glass.  Nah.  I'm still in a good mood.  Yesterday, Mark took me to various shops we never visited before, all a disappointment, and I yakked the whole way.  Never shut up.  He just kept looking over at me and saying "uh-huh".  When we came home, look what I found in my mailbox.
I absolutely love it!  Loraine from Sew Be It won the pink giveaway and made this for me.  Because of my computer problems I haven't been visiting blogs and didn't see her photos of the others until today.  Aren't they fabulous?  Thank you so much Loraine!  It's now in a bowl of gourds and walnuts but I really like it against the black plate too.
Here's my meager stitching progress.  My brain is already trying to process the task of making this into a wreath.  The pattern has a button in the center, but I'm removing the center to make a wreath. 
Anyone that is drying pears with me - here's mine.  Already hardened and almost completely dried.  These were more ripe when I studded than usual and they dried faster than ever.  Not sure if that was the reason, but I found a few more nicely shaped (taller and thinner) to work on this week.  Hmmmm.   Maybe one of these would be a nice offering?  Better yet - get the damn programs back to what I understand so I can redo the pear charts!
That's it!  I'm hoping this young man techie knows what he's doing.  Lots of horror stories out there about computer repair.  I'm going to have him work on this one - my only one left - to change the OS so if you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know why!
Enjoy your Sunday, stay safe, a big welcome to new followers, and happy stitching!
Thank you for visiting!
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