Nov 16, 2012

What a difference a day makes

Greetings!  I just wanted to tell you something that is a little different.  I'm in a good mood.  Really.  The tech never showed or called, my computer is gone, no recovery yet, but I did make an apple pie and eat half of it last night.  That's when the euphoria started.  I'm sure the pie wasn't the reason and I'm assuming it's just the other side of the menopausal mountain.  Maybe looking at things in another light helps too.  For instance - my loss of all emails, contacts, files, and photos is something that a few generals and the CIA would have given anything for.  Yet it happened to little ole me instead of a few powerful men!  It's all in the way we view events.  So I'm sharing my good mood with you in a little offering.
 These are 66 five meter skeins of YLI silk floss, a few opened, but the majority are not.  I rarely stitch over one or on higher linen counts and won't ever use these.  Not a popular brand, but they are very old and maybe not even available.  Regardless, if you're interested, please leave a comment on this post only, and I will receive them through Mr. Smarty Pants 7.  I plan on giving it a week and then either upgrading to 8 or downgrading to Vista.  Changing the font's size for viewing in Control Panel's Display didn't seem to help with internet sites.  I found a little trick online that helps a great deal.  Hitting the control button along with the + will enlarge the page I'm viewing and using control with - will reduce it.  There's already chocolate smears on the control key so it must be getting a lot of use.   I haven't been stitching since I've been fiddling with the laptops but hope to this evening. The sun is shining, I have half of a pie, a bag of chocolates, and a lot of work to do on labels.  A lot.  But work is good for the soul and being able to do it is a blessing.
Please leave a comment ONLY if you are interested in the floss.  A name will be drawn in one week on Friday the 23rd at 8pm.  Thanks for visiting!
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