Jan 16, 2013

Box progress

Hi everyone.  First off, for those of you interested in rusty jingle bells, a reader was kind enough to pass on a link to an online source.  They can be found at Consumer Crafts website http://www.consumercrafts.com, just search for rusty jingle bells. 
Lots of goodies on this site.  I can't seem to add the link with HTML and I'm getting really tired of all the problems with Blogger lately.

Now for the box.  It took a while to decide on final colors and I ended up with my favorite.  Barn red undercoat
with a soft black topcoat. 
I'm looking for a old rusty plate from a mortised box lock or maybe just a hook and latch in iron for the front.  I've only done the back since I'm still trying distressing methods.   There are so many painting instructions on Pinterest and blogs for different finishes and they all work. 

Take a look at these Bosc pears. I'd never seen them this tall and thin! Stems are gone so I will need to add them but I'm curious as to the dried shape of these. Now I'm on a hunt at every store to find more. Most this year have been very short and fat and I still have a few bottles of cloves left.

Speaking of pears, I finally have next month's design worked up thanks to the help of a friend.  Her opinion allowed me to chose between two completely different ideas.  That's what I've been working on for days and I started stitching it last night. 
I just had to order a few more samplers from Etsy and also this new design from Nan (Threadwork Primitives).  I had all that saffron linen and dyed it!  What a putz.
I've been in a reckless mood so I'm taking a chance and ordering a bunch of linen colors.  No idea other than the lying computer screen as to tone.  Just hope none have a pinkish or reddish cast.
I see that Stacy Nash released a new design and I need to get that also.

It's a damn shame that we have an addiction like this.  We all say that we could never stitch everything we have, yet we continue adding to the stash.  Maybe we should pass on one chart we've lost interest in for every new one we like more.  Sounds like a plan.  Put that on the list.
Thanks for visiting! 
I appreciate and thank each and every one of you and welcome to new followers.
Stay safe and stitch happy.
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