Jan 13, 2013


Hello and welcome all!  Today is a fabulous day in the 60's but menomoods could care less.  On my way to the store this morning, I turned on the radio and heard that happy Polka music.  Made me cry.  What????  It's a polka....are you nuts?  I went from weeks of a good mood (very rare), to the overwhelming sadness of Sandy Hook, to emotional fuzzy feeling, to downright snarky, and now a crybaby.  
I completed Susannah (after changing the border color) and haven't picked another project yet.  I started working on the February pear and tried incorporating a heart for Valentine's Day.  Not happy with any of them.
But here's Sue finished, and also what I did with her and Sophia afterward.  Sophia is on a journal and since I love Sue's box size, I ordered again and may get around to making a few more.

I mentioned long ago that I have an unstable cervical vertebrae encroaching the spinal column and I am very leery of car rides. An accident could end it all or cause quadriplegia so I am extremely cautious on the road. We were in the drive-thru at Little Caesar's waiting for a pizza and Mark said "he's going to hit us".  Boom.  We get rear ended in a drive-thru! My arm was numb for only a few hours but it's still bothering me.  His car was damaged, ours wasn't, and it was just a bump but enough to cause my head to jerk.

And now that hunting season is officially over, the girls were back to bread and corn with a full head count.  They all made it!

Still need to catch up on blog reading and Pinterest.  What the heck do I do with my time?  Why am I always busy but accomplishing nothing?  My girlfriend makes a daily list of tasks and doesn't deviate from it.  Since I need one for everything else, I think it's a no-brainer to start that routine myself.  I'll let you know how it works, how many times I misplace it, and how many times I set it on fire.

Have a great week!
Thank you for taking the time to visit.
Stay safe - get a flu shot.

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