Jan 2, 2013

Oh Susannah! What a cat race!

Hello people.  In response to emails about not being able to locate Sophia Waters, you can contact  RandR's website Dyeing To Stitch here.  The gracious Ann informed me that the chart is still available, just scroll down and click "contact us".  You may want to hold off until you see my new dazzling dozen.  They are all marking samplers without a lot of fuss and that seems to be what many readers prefer.   
The photo I took with all her wrinkles wasn't great, so I pressed and here she is a little more youthful,  posing with Susannah French.  Very similar in errors and misalignment, pretty darn primitive. I hesitated on Sue many times and thought she was a very small piece based on the chart's photo.

To my surprise, she works out to around 14" x 8" on 26/28 linen which is what I'm using.  Another coarse and heavy weave that will be left unframed.   Neither of these has specialty stitches, just cross, and incomplete or misplaced cross.  Menocross.
Today was a long day of riding along with my husband to my sister's appointment outside of Pittsburgh.  I am white knuckled and avoid as much time on the road as possible, but thought I would tag along since he was nice enough to take her.  Our doctor offices here obviously don't do their jobs or research, as she did not qualify for the treatment they sent her to.  Wasted trip.  But we came home to garlic sausage and tortellini/olive/pepper salad which certainly would bring anyone's taste buds back to life.  I kept trying to do that with cake, and although a pleasant exercise, didn't work as well.  My cough sounds like a goose stuck in a fog horn, but I'm starting to feel better.
On to the cat race.

Gentlemen, take your places.

It's Nitzy on the far side....

and Bud's closing in.

Hold everything!

An off track skirmish develops.

Bud!  Go to the time out area!
Nitzy!  Hold your position!

At the finish, it looks like Nitzy wins by a tree!  Sorry Bud, you're nosing out from behind the tree but didn't make the finish line.

Poor old man Bud.  I think the loser deserves an indoor massage.
Next race - Thursday afternoon, weather permitting.
No advance ticket sales since cats can't be trusted and are never on time.

The boys thank you for your interest in the cat track.  Tomorrow I hope to get busy on the floss box and I have injections lined up for Friday so I may be back Saturday with progress.

Thanks for visiting!


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