Jan 11, 2013

Worry free stitching

Hello everyone.  I'm finally feeling better and thought I would show the almost completed Susannah.  I should be able to complete her this evening.
I changed DMC 3046 to 833 and used it incorrectly in the second border instead of 3013.  Does it matter?  Heck no.   Both colors are used in the numbers below that area. You know me by now - I'm a little reckless and certainly not a stickler for details when it comes to reproductions.   I seriously doubt I will change it but there's always a chance.  The really primitive look of this piece allows for a multitude of sins.  If you worry about errors, misaligned borders, and crosses that don't make a cross, these last two projects would be worry-free for you.  If you're a dedicated stitcher who takes pride in following the original,  perfect stitches would be your errors in many places. 

Take a close look at the E and F.  I really had fun doing Sophia and Susannah because I wasn't ready to be serious, just wanted to stitch something quick and easy.  These two young brats fit the bill quite nicely.  Now comes the hard part of choosing the next sampler.  Stay with the simple and easy?  Colorful?  A floral border?   I may need to wait until the sinus pounding stops completely for that.  It would also be nice to not have to switch between Compose/HTML to upload a photo.  I haven't been online much at all this week (really need to catchup on blogs and Pinterest) and was hoping that glitch was corrected by now. The floss box isn't painted yet either.  In fact, I changed my mind and came up with a much better idea for storage.  That just drives me nuts.
I'll leave you with a snap of my two boys.  As with all cats they are box lovers but this large one became a favorite perch too.  I had to reinforce the top after it caved in, but it looks like I should have used plywood. We have warmer temps and the snow is gone in most places, including their track so all races have been cancelled.

Thanks for visiting. Hope the flu outbreak hasn't hit your homes.
Take care and stay safe.

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