Mar 18, 2013

A day without sunshine-but everything else

Greetings from Pennsylvania's official day of all forecasts.  Started with snow, then ice, then icy snow, then freezing rain, then rain, a little more snow, possibly a storm later, and a high wind warning - everything except sunshine!  I can't believe how the wind is howling and whipping the ice into the windows.  Needless to say, I'm not venturing out.  So instead of making decisions and lining up material lists to complete the mess in the house, I'm browsing charts.  I hate this.  Really.  The last several choices kind of fell into my lap with timing and I accepted gladly.  This time, just chart after chart of choices.  They are all from this and this post. 
 I also started Eliza Pumroy a while back and had "issues" with her.  The colors are very bright and I dyed the floss with a tiny touch of Rit's pearl gray.  Where are they?  Maybe this is why I can only stitch one project at a time, fearing I would never locate the other starts.  Well, in a pile of linen I don't care for, and loads of unfiled charts, I came across Eliza again.  That's an indicator that she should be next and to stop wasting time browsing.  I'll think about it.  Little Dorothy Allen from R&R is calling to me and a very quick stitch.  Lori's free chart is too. 
I really like the display of a long sampler with the fringed bottom like my Mary Oldfield and Eliza is even bigger.
I'll probably do one of the smalls and then try to reunite with Eliza. 
When searching for other photos of the R&R charts, Google led me to their blog.  Why didn't I find this before? 
Now the tags.  Thank you for the Clare requests, I'll make more today and search for mailers on EBay which will give the varnish a few days to dry completely. I will email you with payment options and you can let me know then if you would like any of these included.  I still haven't decided if Etsy is needed or using my other blog or page only for sales would work.  I doubt I will sell that many so probably not necessary.
Thanks for the kind words about my sister.  Yes, it's getting unnerving.  She will have an aortic valve replacement within a few years and now her coronary calcium levels are over 900.  Yep.  Over 900.  Strange (as usual), she was told the levels were fine after the first part of the test and they proceeded to administer the Lopressor to continue with the scan, because with the heart beating too fast results would not be clear.  She waited hours there with additional meds and the rate never calmed down so they sent her home.  The phone call this morning was for the cardiac MRI scheduling and she was told that her levels were over 900 and they could not have proceeded with the first scan because of that.  Well then why was she made to sit and wait and loaded with meds if they couldn't scan?  Who has the wrong results?  The doc administering the scan that claims the numbers were fine, or the doctor's office claiming they are alarmingly high?  She has an appointment today but her house sets on a steep hill with a curved driveway conducive to luge sledding in this type of weather.   I think she'll reschedule. 
I'm sorry I have not been keeping up with blogs and emails.   So much on my mind lately and my menomoods have changed into anxiety!  Never felt this before but I think that's what is happening. 
Thanks for visiting - hope your weather is good, your needle sharp, and your chocolate dark.


Barb said...

I will keep your sister in my thoughts and prayers! The Dr. can be very frustrating. Good luck on your sampler decisions. I do love the tags!

Bertie said...

Oh Marly, reading what your sister is experiencing, no wonder you are anxious! May it all turn out positive!
The samplers are wonderful and you are right, one thing at a time although I am not in that mindset yet!
Your tags are wonderful, I do love the houses! Would love to order a set, but in your own time!
Take care and keep warm, it' s supposed to be spring!

Margaret said...

How awful for your sister! No wonder you're stressed and anxious. I will send lots of good thoughts and prayers. Sometimes I wonder about these doctors and how efficient they are or aren't. Love the tags! But you knew that already. lol!

Peggy Lee said...

I'm sorry your sister is experiencing all this with her health and doctors. I will continue to keep her (and you) in my prayers.

Kathy L. said...
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Kathy L. said...

Let me try my comment again. Made an error OOPS.

Prayers for your sister and your family. It is so stressful waiting and wondering what is going on. Hopefully they will get her testing done soon.

I love your tags. I would love to order a #3 and #5 when you have these available. Please let me know how best to order when you have decided.


MJ Hunt said...

Hi Marly! Finally alittle sun here in west central IL but windy and cool. Prayers for your sister. I also only do one stitching at a time AND nost always finish it before starting another. I want the Claire, #1 and also #2. Will send $$ when you get it set up. MJ

Carol said...

I can only imagine how worried you must be for your sister, Marly. What an ordeal--sure hope the doctors can figure out the best course of treatment for her.

Wasn't this the worst day ever in terms of weather--it felt like the end of the world as I was driving to and from work... I am truly getting disgusted with the lack of sun and spring weather!

I would love to see you start the little freebie--it would look wonderful in your home :) Good luck with your decision--and congratulations on all those tags! They each are so special...

P.J. said...

Keeping you and your sister in my thoughts. Mmmm I like your final sentiment of dark chocolate. Your projects always turn out so nice, can't see what you finish next.

Judy said...

Oh, such nasty weather in your area. Our forcast is for a late, colder spring. Ok, but just give us some sunshine!! Sad about your sister's tests. It is so frustrating to be in that position--why does this sort of thing have to happen? Good luck with choosing your new project!

Judy heartland stitcher

Pam in IL said...

Pretty awful weather here too, but it wouldn't be "spring" in the midwest without crazy winter weather lasting til May.

Keeping you and your sister in my thoughts and prayers.

Pondside said...

I'm so sorry to read about your sister's health and medical challenges. Thinking of her....

Mouse said...

oh the weather out side is frightful but the fire inside is delightful ... tra la la al .... shhhh don't want to brag but we seem to have a strange golden glow in the sky outside the mouse house today .....
love those wee tags they are sooo cute ....
paws crossed they manage to get to the bottom of your sisters problems and can sort her out toot suite .... love mouse xxxx

Kaisievic said...

Your sister is in my prayers and I am sending positive thoughts your way. Love all of your samplers from those two posts, although my favourite is the Primitive Betty design.

Hugs to you and your sister.

Chris said...

I hope that everything goes well with the rest of your sisters tests, and you get some solid answers.
It is hard to settle on a stitching project sometimes.
The tags are gorgeous!!
Keeping you and your sister in my thoughts.

Karen said...

Hello again,
I've been playing catch up on my blog list today - I've been making a few comments on particular blogs right in a row - guess I missed lots of their posts!
I'm praying for your sister - so sad when things are out of our control and we can only wait.
Your tags are wonderful - never seen these before. Great idea.

I guess we came back home from PA just in time - we were in Lancaster last Wed.-Fri. and the weather was day cold and windy the next perfect!


Vickie said...

Aww Marly, I hope this anxiety passes. That is a newer development with my mom. Hard to watch her so anxious. Sometimes it get panicky.
Try to settle down to stitching today if ya can.
Our weather is junk here too. And our furnace is dying. Brian is trying to fix it as I type.
Dark chocolate is the only way to go. Actually, I am going to go get me some right now!

Sheri said...

So sorry to hear what your sister is going through. I am very interested in your tags. I would love to have #3 and #7 when they become available. I have one of your boxes.


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