Mar 17, 2013

Starting over

Good evening.  Hope your weekend was peaceful and safe, or exciting and fun depending on what you prefer.  I'm long past exciting.  My sister's cardiac CT scan was a failure after 6 doses of Lopressor couldn't bring her heart rate down and excitement was the last thing we needed! 
  I've received comments and emails requesting the Clare tag, so instead of offering the dozen I have ready, I'm thinking that taking requests would give me an idea of how many to make before I use them for the other labels.  Please let me know if you want one and then I can make sure I have enough tags.  Is that OK?  They will be $8.00 including the small snap ring, and shipping will be $2.50 for up to 4 tags.  If you want a Clare but would be interested in other designs too, I can hold it until the others are ready and all can be shipped at once. 
I ordered five dozen of the tall oval boxes and planned on making those too.  Well guess what?  My second crash took out everything I saved after the first crash and I forgot that fact.  Damn.  I have to start over and sizing and cutting and pasting takes forever.  Anyway, one that fits these boxes and I have permission to use is this.
When I use the entire sampler without changes, there will be a label on the back stating the sampler name and where you can find it.
So I have a lot of work to do and I really don't know where to start.   It's too late to change my order and I guess the boxes can be stored in the attic for a while.  This design will be available on the 5.5" wide and 4" tall oval soon.
No new chart chosen yet and my laptop battery is ready to die so I'm outta here!
Thanks for visiting!


MJ Hunt said...

Marly I want one of the Claire tags one of the blue house tags if you still have that one. MJ

Debi said...

Hi Marly,
You can't imagine how much I enjoy your blog! Your wit, your talent, your 'relationship' with your cats~I love it all & more. I'd like one St. Claire tag & one red house tag. Thanks, Debbie

backporchcarver said...

I would love to have two of the Clair tags for sure.Thanks so much.

rosek1870 said...

I would like 2 Claire tags please. Thank you so much.
Rose K

Margaret said...

Your poor sister! I hope she's ok -- such a bummer about her CT scan. I hope next time it works. I didn't know such things could be failures. :( Just saw some of your tags on Cardan's blog. So nice!

karen said...

Hi Marly,
I would love to order 1 Clare tag and one of the blue house tag. Love your blog!

karen said...

Hi Marly,
I would love to order 1 Clare tag and one of the blue house tag. Love your blog!

Lori said...

Hello Marley, I would like two of the Clare tags, please. Maybe she can help stitch without troubles!! Thank you so much.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Mornin' Marly,
I mentioned earlier that I wanted a St. Clare Tag ... so I am reaffirming at this time that I would like to be included for one.
So sorry for your sister ... Hope all improves soon.

Peace & Blessings to you and yours,

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