Apr 7, 2013

Long-arm cross

Good day to you. How the heck are you? Having fun? Relaxed? Slightly aggitated? Confused? Flashing? Frustrated? Ranting? Looking for a fight? Ready to throw something out the window? Wanting to climb a wall and upset there are no footholds? No? Maybe it's just me. I made an appointment to see my doc this week and am hoping there actually is a pill!!! Chewable.
 Now.... I'm showing you what I've been doing for the long-arm cross stitch. Most of the horizontal bands in Dorothy call for it and I usually substitute regular cross. But there was a brief moment of calm that happened about the same time, so I tried it. I always watch online videos here for the correct methods but only found diagrams this time. Most appeared to be going the opposite direction of my stitching so I was having a difficult time, but finally came across one that clicked. I'm assuming it's correct and if not, it looks good anyway.
 Start with a regular cross, come back up at the bottom left of that stitch and go over 4 threads, come out in the same line two threads down.

 Go back to the prior stitch and enter at the top right, come out at the bottom right.

And just keep going!

It's makes a little braid.

And here they are.

Very easy to do.

Did I do it right??  Yes Marlene you did it right, but unfortunately your left side border is off one thread.  The question is - do we dare tell you?

The End.

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