Apr 9, 2013

The trouble with Mary

Greetings from a warm day in PA!  Seventies today and tomorrow....then back to the 40's for the weekend.   Hope your week is starting without incident.  I'll be at the hospital all day Thursday for sis's catherization and we'll go from there.  I found out that the bad aortic valve is not an issue during this procedure and they will be checking that more closely also.  Thank you all for your concern.
I stopped at my framer's and realized under her unforgiving lights, that Mary had many dark threads showing, even though they only crossed a few linen threads.  Because of the stretching and pulling I created when trying to get those curved stem stitches positioned, and removed, and repositioned, I have a wonky center.  One side needs stretched more than the other which makes the outline way off, even though - are you sitting down - I wet her down and ran her through the dryer, twice.  Are you OK?  Linen's tough baby!!  This helped quite a bit, it's still off somewhat, and no one will notice but me.
 I brought her home to add more muslin strips.  Being 28 count and somewhat sheer, using a dark mounting board to hide the threads was not good.  She has a lot of band-aids, no?  So now I have to pin her again with my sore finger.  Reason being, my needle has been going through the skin while I'm stitching and I want to talk needles and ask for suggestions next time.
I knew that Dorothy would be a close call, but that I would have enough for a seam to make a pillow.  All that's left is that center motif so I'll have my full inch at the bottom. 
I've got to get ready for my appointment but I wanted to show you two more things.  This little guy carb-loading on the bread for the deer.
And one of my favorite recipes.  Cranberry pork roast. 
So easy.  So good.
That's it.  Gotta run.  Have a great day!
Stay safe - thanks for visiting.


Bertie said...

Good luck with your sisters procedure! Oh you do make me laugh Marly, band aid indeed. One of the reasons I am not keen on stitching alphabets , letter by letter!
The squirrell looks so funny and the pork delicious!
Have a good week;))

Penny said...

Prayers and best wishes for your sister.... I hope all goes well with her procedure....
Great idea for hiding those threads that show through... I'll have to keep that in mind.
Would love to get the recipe for that pork roast... it sure does look delicious!!
Have a happy Tuesday, Marly!

Margaret said...

Hope your sister's procedure goes well. Clever to hide the carried threads. I'm too lazy to bother. lol! Love Dorothy! Recipe for pork roast??

Primitive Stars said...

Prayers for your Sister, hope all goes well.....Funny little Squirrel.....Roast looks so yummy......Oh that Mary, Francine.

Carol said...

Will be thinking of your sister, Marly--what a difficult time for her and you must be so concerned... What a tricky way to deal with the carried threads--and now I know you can run a finish through the dryer! Who knew?!

C. M. Designs said...

Sending my best wishes and prayers for your sister. My late husband had to have many, many of them. I sure hope all will go well for your sister. She's fortunate to have you with her..
I love to watch my squirrels eat peanut butter off of the slice of bread.. They are such funny characters..
Your stitching amazes me.. I'm such an amature but am having fun since I found your blog.. Thanks so much for the pear patterns.
I'll be thinking about you and your sister.
Charlotte in Va.

Barb said...

I will keep your sister in my thoughts and prayers. She is fortunate to have you to help. What a great way to hide carried threads! I'll remember that.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Sending positive thoughts your way for your sister and for you.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Ah-ha! Now I know what the muslin 'bandaids' are for! Hope all goes well with your sister's tests and that they find some answers, sending healing energy and good thoughts, Deb

Marie said...

I hope that all goes well with your sister.

Using muslin to hide the carry-over threads, such a great idea! I must remember that one, thanks for sharing.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Ohhh frustrating!!! I hope your sister does well!! Love the squirrel picture!!

Chris said...

That looks yummy!
I know that Mary will look great when framed.
Keeping you and your sister in my thoughts.

brod'attitude said...

I don't know this recipe (I am french) It is looks like very good. Best wishes for your sister

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