May 15, 2013

A good day

Hi everyone.  Hope your day went better than mine did.  It started off with my guy trying to drill the top plate between studs to drop a wire for an outlet.  He couldn't figure out why the wire wasn't showing up in the designated area.  Tried again.  Nothing. Got a two foot long drill bit and tried again.  I finally told him that it has to be going on the other side, in the closet.  Impossible.  Not so.  Yes, so.  Now everything that was in the closet is removed and under a sheet too, so he can repair this.
I've been wrapped in drop cloths unable to find anything and my printer and computer were kind of lost in them for a few days.  I finally ran out for a bit today and when I came home, he was using his wet/dry vac and not realizing that it was exhausting the drywall dust into the air.  What a disaster.  It carried into the dining room also where I had items stashed to stay clean.
This was everywhere and see where it's missing?  That's because it stuck to his boots so he could track it wherever he went.  I immediately decided that I would stop my plans and be satisfied at this point.  One short wall needs to come down in the kitchen and I'm not sure I can deal with it.  Drywall dust is never ending and I hate it.  He hasn't even started sanding!  Then he shows me that the long wall is over 2" out of square, and the drywall will have to bend which will eventually crack, in order to match the other side of the door opening.
I dropped a large container filled with change and it went everywhere, spilled the washing detergent down the front of the washer onto the carpet and it splashed the clean pile of clothes, tripped on the brat's water bowl and it soaked my good loafers, missed a step coming down the pull-down stairs, couldn't find the tags I set aside for an order that needed mailed, nor the rings, and have a mess with all my box and tags supplies that were stored in that closet.  When the drill came through the drywall, it was spinning the dust everywhere and the entire closet contents are covered with it.  I did find the tags safe and sound, bought new rings because I gave up looking, got out my little fry pan, set it to high, smeared a little butter, and watched three of these babies sizzle to crispy.
 I'm OK now.
I'm still here to bitch.
I still can see, hear, feel, walk, and stitch.
It's still a good day.
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