May 13, 2013

Little by little

Greetings.  My week is starting out with more confusion than menobrains can handle.  But first, here it my slow progress on Eliza the Colorful.  There are four colors in the border I'm working on now and one final row of rice stitch before moving on to the eyelet alphabet.

My nephew will be here shortly with his tractor so we can cut our grass this evening.  No decision on a new one - I'm glad to see a man in his 60's is just as incapable as this woman in her 60's when it comes to choices.
I got a call this weekend that my guy can give me a day to start our project which means this will be hit and miss.  This of course, is my fault.  Same old problem with deciding on the kitchen, where the ceiling light should be, do I want a header over the doorway, beams....??????  And so it starts.
My husband found this very large funnel in a pile of junk at work and thought I would like to line it with landscape fabric, fill with dirt, and use as a planter.  I said no, I'll turn it upside down.  This size is very hard to find so I would like to make it into a hanging light.  It needs more rust though.
And will you look at these paws?  They want to come in the house for a snooze and then I can't get them to leave.  All my family member's cats are clean!  These little pigs play hard.  The back of their white legs have never been clean and their fur is filled with outdoor particles.  The new cat has brown stripes and I got within five feet of her today.  The others still circle with threats, but no fights recently unless she comes closer to the house.  Wonder how many kittens I'll be dealing with.
Here's my brother's little girl after her spaying.  She's gained weight and the vet said she is very healthy.  A recent article in our local paper was focused on the huge number of strays and kittens our valley has.  Terrible.  They try to trap and spay, then release.  I don't agree.  They are starving and homeless with no protection.  Euthanizing them would be more humane to me, but they claim it is more expensive than spaying. ?????? 
I hope she finds a home.
The tractor just arrived and my guy is ready for his break so I'll close for now.  There's nothing like the smell of burnt wood from a dull drill bit mixed with a little drywall dust.
Have a great start to your week!
Thanks for visiting.
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