May 7, 2013

It's gone!

Greetings!  The garbage pickup was this morning and it's gone!  There's no getting it back.  I deliberately toss right before pick up, otherwise, I'm second guessing and dumpster diving.   The usable items are already at Goodwill.   I always get sidetracked when I'm unsure what to do with items.  Then I  get an idea for a project and start playing. 
 Isn't this cute?
I burned a dozen very small wood boxes that I planned on painting and was tired of storing, and found this little dome in with them.  I covered it - sidetracked.  Now I'm playing with the large heart boxes and some others instead of completing my work.  Which led to another idea I'm working on and can't wait to try.
I've been holding on to a dozen Currier & Ives calendar prints from the 60's and 70's.  They've yellowed but are still nice.  I will never have them framed and matted.  Why have I kept them?
Then I found these two tall baskets with wood lids, the small market with divided lid, and some others waiting for stain and paint.  I'll do that today.
Not much stitching or blog reading lately, and this is all the progress I have.  The letters I and J are the dyed 351 and it's beautiful!  I switched back to a 24 needle and like it much better.
 I'm heading out with a tub of dye for the baskets and hope to also get some weeding started.  Our lawn tractor died yesterday and we'll be shopping for another this evening.   The kitchen man is waiting for the final drawings and hopefully that will be started in July.  I'm trying really hard to put an end to procrastinating.
Thanks for visiting - hope you're having a great day.
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