May 8, 2013

Leftover tags

Good day to you.  My baskets are dyed and I moved on to the next unfinished task.  Leftover tags from the last batch.  I will probably be making more but the orders have slowed down considerably so I may take a break and move on to the boxes.  I've listed what I have left - no orders - on the Box/tag page.  If you're interested, please leave your purchase in the comments on that page.  All the old comments have been deleted so you'll be able to see if the number is available. 
Here's the baskets after their Rit dye bath of Pearl Gray, Black, Orange, and a touch of green.  Rit's brown and black have a red tone which I don't like, therefore, the green to tone it down.  Each basket dyed a little differently.
This basket that I wove 25 years ago came out beautifully.  The material took the dye in sort of a striated pattern - hard to tell from the photo but you can trust me.
And my Sargent Crabs made it!  They were almost dead last summer so I was hoping to see blossoms this spring.
My brother's little cat was spayed yesterday and she is doing better today.  I need to take a photo of her to post at the local pet stores and vet offices.
That's all I got!  I'm on a roll of getting these small tasks completed that have been hanging around for some time.  Feels pretty good.
Thanks for visiting - stay safe - enjoy the blooms.
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