May 10, 2013

Two summer tips

Hi everyone.  This isn't a stitching post. 
 Just wanted to remind you of this product, invaluable for sandals and summer sling backs, tank top and spaghetti straps, and peeking bra straps.  My legs are crossed and I'm twisting my ankles, and look how the straps still hold.  I was never able to wear these because of the sling constantly falling down.

You can buy it wherever they sell support hosiery or at a home health care store.  Water soluble, easy to remove, doesn't stain.

My other tip is how to cut your or your kid's bangs.  When you pull from the sides to the center and make one cut, the center will be shorter and the edges slightly longer, so you don't have that straight across chop look.
I just killed this little devil in the kitchen.  Having a husband that goes into prophylactic anaphylactic shock,  I can't mess around and need to kill every one whether I can identify it or not.  Some are wasps, some yellow jackets, some hornets, and they are entering the house from a location we haven't determined.
We have the tractor narrowed down to three choices and no idea which we will choose.  I've gained 20 pounds since fall and nothing fits, so to burn a few calories, I will try cutting the yard with the little push mower a little at a time until we decide.  I hate to exercise but Leslie Sansone and I need to get back together.

Enjoy your weekend - thank you for visiting!

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