Jun 30, 2013

Coloring Eliza

Greetings!  Hope your weekend is a good one.  Mine has been one mishap after another, and this time, no mannequins were involved.   I haven't had much time to read blogs, answer emails, or stitch but am managing to continue on Eliza little by little.  New brite liners are on my shopping list because there is a lot of coloring on this chart.  Of course, I make copies and don't deface the original chart, but on this sampler, totally necessary or I would have been very frustrated.  There's not really a pattern to follow in most of these elements and I have a tendency to continue stitching without checking the chart often enough.  These colors make it easy at a glance for a careless stitcher like me.

 I'm starting the big house which will be such a bore, but something I can outline and then fill in when sitting on my swing without needing the chart.
She's getting long enough that the top of the sampler will be rolled and clipped and I will turn the chart upside down and work the bottom area that way.  I know some of you don't believe me, but the stitches are exactly the same when you work it upside down on these long pieces.
I did change the house outline color of 922 to the muted 922 that I dipped in the gray dye.  The house is yellow and when the roof is filled in I'll have to check the shades to see if I want it darker or lighter.  Eliza is still available where I purchased mine - Wyndham Needleworks here.  But if you've never visited or ordered from them, please read their home page about no longer being Wyndham - they've changed to PAWS (Pound Animals are Worth Saving) and proceeds now go to the cause. 
I feel like the old lady that I am after moving a corner hutch, Mom's marble topped tables, her LaZboy recliner, two dining tables, a dry sink and other crap into other rooms in preparation for the flooring.  I used Sliders which helped, but on my larger pieces I always cut industrial felt to match the bottoms and use permanent glue to secure.  Whenever I need to dust the corners or beneath, it easily slides out and back.  I moved one kitchen table and chairs into the center of my tiny parlor which is where I have my stitching supplies, and although very crowded, I like having it in there!  Since this will be continuing for a while, I decided to put all the baskets in large trash bags and move them to the attic along with gourds, drieds, and any other small pieces.  The samplers will be stored in bags in another bedroom, and my pinkeeps and such are bagged also.  The house is getting emptied, but it will be less hassle when it's time for more dust and moving.  Wednesday is the meeting with the kitchen guy who finally called but he claims he can't start for months.  We'll see.  I doubt if the other clients hired him LAST SEPTEMBER!!!
  I'm going to be listing a few charts on Ebay soon including my never used Village Square (Mary Allen), SL's Ideal Landscape, Frances Eden, and Barrick's Scrub Pine along with Mary Beale ornaments.  EBay is the easiest for me for when charts are involved. 
I also have this from 1994 and will never do these samplers or the other needlework projects, but I haven't decided if I should try to list it or not.  Today will be another tiring day which is good.  Feeling tired is actually a good feeling because I know I worked and accomplished something.  Hitting that soft mattress and pillow is so gratifying!  It's another pop-up storm day and we will try once more to get the drywall home.  The 4x8 sheets hang out of the car's back and wet roads splashing are not a good thing!  I came up with an idea that Patti agrees with to solve a problem and will show you next time.  My coffee is rushing to the end of it's bodily journey and I need to skedaddle.
Both Krissy and Sharon will be receiving the full kit that I offered. 
Thanks for visiting!!  Have a wonderful day.


Melissa said...

Oh wow, Marly, I love how Eliza is looking. I love, love, love the colours you are using. She is so bright and pretty; very different than what is shown in the original design! Good for you!

I wasn't sure what was happening with Wyndham so I was glad to hear the update from you. Have you bought from them since they changed to PAWS?

There are going to be some lucky people winning your charts on ebay!

cucki said...

Eliza is really so cute..
Love for you x

Margaret said...

Wow, Eliza is gorgeous! Love her colors. Good luck with the kitchen guy. What's his deal? Geez!

Jonette said...

Eliza is beautiful! I would be interested in buying the book if you decide to sell it. What is your name on ebay to search for your items?

Krista said...

Beautiful stitching on Eliza! Love the color combination of it, reminds me of autumn!

Barb said...

Your sampler is just beautiful. Keep us up to date on your ebay seeing.

Penny said...

The highlighting is a great idea. Eliza is such a pretty sampler and you are moving right along. Your kitchen guy sounds like a real pain! :)

mariateresa said...

Hi Eliza, I love this sampler. Complimenti!
Have a nice day

Three Sheep Studio said...

This is one incredible sampler !
Beautiful work.

Carol said...

What is it with these pop-up storms lately? I feel like I'm living in Florida or something...not really enjoying it. The one we had Friday just about washed us out as our pond overflowed--very scary, but luckily, the storm moved through after an hour or so.

Eliza is looking great, Marly--interesting how you color code the chart. If I ever do a big project, I'll have to remember that.

Bertie said...

Eliza looks wonderful so far, I do have the chart but time is not on my side!
I do like your colouring on the chart, must save a lot of time, so I will take a leaf out of your book:))
Thank you so much again Marly for the tabs!
Have a great week and a fabulous 4th of July;))

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