Jul 1, 2013


Hiya.  I'm ready to fill Eliza's yellow house and "think" I'm making the right color choice. 3046 is the chart's color and I'm leaning toward 729.  Surprising since I am the dull muted type.  In floss colors too.  See how washed out the 3046 looks compared to the 729?  
 When looking at the entire piece, I think it's the right choice.  The inside of the 7 windows will be filled with 501 and that I may change to a brownish shade.  I mentioned that I changed the 922 outline to the gray-dyed 922 and I never thought to check the colors next to it first.  
I don't like the 632 roof fill with it so I'll probably choose a darker rust shade instead.  I guess my lack of patience is causing me to not think ahead so in the future, I will try to remember to compare my changes to adjoining colors before stitching.
Remember my huge yellow hanging baskets?  Here they are after broken stems and torrential rains for three days.  We got home with the drywall 10 minutes before another downpour so I'm glad that worked out.  This is why we needed more.  Patti and I decided that the garage entrance which is open to the room we are changing, should be separate.  This will prevent my having to use the same color trim and wall in this area and on the three closets.  Here's an idea of what the change would be.
This little fix will make a huge difference.  This will also prevent the removal of the ash flooring in the entry and I can start the new oak in the threshold.  Painting the entry's ash or stenciling it will now be an option.  You can see where the wall was that separated mom's dining area from her sitting room which is carpeted.  This will all be one room with oak flooring.  Yep.  Oak.  Not pine.  I gave in because he's not fighting me on any other changes.  You gotta throw them a biscuit every once in a while.
Now for more yellow.  My new tractor!!! 
I love it.  It was just delivered and he beat the rain.  It's a zero turn that uses a steering wheel instead of the two handed bars.  The steering is turning the front wheels instead of the back like most models which makes it much more stable and recommended for slopes and hills.  It looks like a go-cart or scooter doesn't it? And that's my 10 year old yellow car.  I bought it in order to find it more readily in parking lots.  I had no time to dally when I was taking care of mom and this color prevented any hesitation!  It only has 40,000 miles on it so I will keep it until it falls apart.
That's it for the punch of yellow on another dark gloomy rainy day.  Hope there's some sunshine in yours.
Thanks for visiting!  Stay safe.


Karen said...

How fun....Yellow is the word of the day here for sure.
I use that color Yellow for my Christmas tree stars - I think it works very nicely with the muted colors.
Wow...great new toy you got there and I love the thought behind your yellow car. Good thinking.
Blessings and have a wonderful happy 4th

Primitive Stars said...

Beautiful work, as always...yellow is such a cheerful color, Happy Summer, Francine.

Primitive Stars said...
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cucki said...

Sweet stitches like always..
Sweet yellow color... Happy summer days x

Mugwump Woolies said...

Love your new wheels! And...your sampler is a real beauty...great color choices! Can't wait to see it all finished.
Have a great week,

Mugwump Woolies said...

Love your new wheels! And...your sampler is a real beauty...great color choices! Can't wait to see it all finished.
Have a great week,

Bertie said...

Great to see you changing the colours and make it your own Marly, you stitched the outlines in record time!
The floor is beautiful, nice that you can keep a lot. The weather is not kind to you, btw I love your barn!!
Oh the tractor looks fabulous, you must put a pic on the blog when you ride it :))
Keep safe.

Margaret said...

Smart idea on the yellow car. Our oldest car is 14 years old. Yikes! lol! Love Eliza -- I like the yellow for the house. Your house planning looks like it's going well too.

Maggee said...

Eliza will look fantastic, as I know you will fiddle with the colors over and over before stitching! Love the yellow tractor and car! Hugs!

Barb said...

A great yellow day!!The new tractor is great and 729 is a color I use quite a lot!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Marly ~
I'm lovin' Eliza!!!
Only 40k miles??? Mine is 12 yrs old and has 127K and I thought that was pretty good. Unfortunately it is self destructing. I planned to drive it until it died and the end is near :( Tonight I was car shopping. Now that is depressing!!!
Hugs :)

Peggy Lee said...

Nice, warm, sunshiny yellow. Love it!

Ele said...

Awwwww! Love your new tractor :o)
Gorgeous stitching

Mouse said...

ooo think the colours you have chosen are going to work well ... loved having a wee tour and just got to love that tractor :) love mouse xxxx

eszter said...

beautiful sampler, beautiful colors!

Krista said...

Your sampler looks fab! Love the color choice. Great new tractor too!

Three Sheep Studio said...

The sampler colors are perfect !
Love how it is all coming together.
Each time you get on your "new wheels" you will be "princess of power" - zero turning radius, in a streak of yellow, grass a flying !!
Happy Summer !

C. M. Designs said...

You go girl ! I'm driving a vintage 1989 van. I'm going to drive it til it won't go anymore and then I'm going to have it cut in half a bronzed for book ends.
Have a wonderful week and 4th of July.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Plus, it matches the new tractor!! That's a great idea - do you know how many black Honda's there are?

Jeanne said...

Your sampler is looking wonderful....love the new tractor too...looks like a fun ride.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Yellow is sunshine for me. Actually, I love the 3 primary colors, just not too bright. I also think that partition wall is a perfect solution for your needs ... way to go!
The yellow tractor looks like it will be fun mowing and for whatever else it might be used.
Have a great 4th of July week with much Peace and Blessings, Barb

Penny said...

Love the color choices for the house! And wow...you must be having the same weather we are...rain,rain,and more rain. That's quite the sporty little tractor. :)

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