Jul 4, 2013

Freedom and a coloring tip

Happy 4th!  Enjoy the celebrations and picnics, appreciate your freedom, display our flag, and be safe!
My marigolds are doing well in some places, and others, not so much.  Could be the weather.
We spent yesterday morning with the cabinet man and although he is excellent, I'm not happy.  On his initial house visit, he was OK with my plans that were to tweak existing and add additional cabinets, not replace the entire kitchen.  Now, he is telling me that an entire custom kitchen would be cheaper than just tweaking and is trying to convince me to rip out my cabinets and start over.   
On the way back home we stopped at James Creek and I bought this 18" tall wall cabinet for only $15.  I have some clean play sand and will paint, toss the sand, paint again, and scrape this for a more primitive finish.    I've changed a few things on Eliza's house and still can't believe I am enjoying the bright colors.
Stitching bud Carol gave me her tip for coloring the areas of charts that are difficult to follow.  Instead of using the highlighter pens which are limited in colors, she uses these colored pencils that twist to close and no sharpening necessary.  Great idea isn't it?  You can find them in different size packs where the Crayola section is, near the office supplies in Walmart.  Thanks Carol!
Don't forget to enter Ann's giveaway - link is at the top right.
Enjoy your day - stay safe - wave your flag!
Thanks for visiting.


Vickie said...

What a pretty, pretty looking house it is! Happy Fourth to you!

Melissa said...

Whoa - I love that bright house! I am stitching a house too and it's *yawn* beigy yellow. Hmmmm. It's taking me awhile to fill it in.

Thanks for sharing the great tip from Carol. I am going to look for those crayons!

Happy Fourth, Marly!

denise said...

Happy 4th,Marly!!! Denise

butterfly said...

Happy July the 4th .
I like the crayon idea I will try it.
House looks great.

Margaret said...

Your house, and Eliza's house both look great! What a clever idea on the crayola colored pencils. I'm out of touch on the crayola stuff since I don't have small kids anymore. Pretty cool! Happy 4th!

cucki said...

Sweet house :)
Happy 4th July to you all x

Barb said...

Flowers are looking so nice. I love Eliza's house colors and the colored pencils are a great idea. A happy 4th to you!

Primitive Stars said...

Happy 4 th of July Marly, your home porch looks so inviting, love the look...as does the little stitched house......Enjoy, Francine.

Maggee said...

Hi there! Hope that you are enjoying this 4th of July! I have been puttering around... Going up now, to finish stitching my last patriotic piece. Thanks for sharing about the Crayola twistables! Love new ideas like that! Hugs!

Tiff said...

Happy 4th to you too!!

backporchcarver said...

Love the bright yellow house, makes me feel happy when I see it. Also love your two wheel cart with the yellow marigolds.

Jacqueline said...

How nice of you to give your kit away and even nicer of her to make the basket and give it away.

Thanks to both of you.

Shirlee said...

Always love seeing your lovely decor. I must ask ... where did you get that amazing flag? It's wonderful!

Karen said...

What a gorgeous view of your home that I can see in the pictures! Love that 'early' look.
Eliza's house is coming along beautifully. Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and try something different - you just never know!

I bought those Crayola pencils for my grandson - he loves them too!

Hope you had a happy 4th - ours was quiet but good.


Pam in IL said...

I've used colored pencils too, so I will have to check out the ones you're using. I don't particularly care for coloring my charts because I always miss some or color them the wrong color, but it's a necessary step in stitching sometimes.

I once tried scanning the design and using the paint program, but that didn't work so well either.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

LOVE your new lucky shelf find. I can envision one of your samplers attached to the front ... Nice!
Hmmm... those coloring crayons sound like a perfect solution...gonna think about that one. Your flower display is lovely and as always your sampler is coming along beautifully.

Have a great day and weekend with Peace and Blessings to all, Barb

Kellie from Indiana said...

Thanks for the tip and enjoy the holiday weekend!

C. M. Designs said...

Hi Marly, I hope you're having a happy 4th of July weekend. I found the St. Nicholas cross stitch charts that you used, just by luck, on Ebay.. I've started working on them in hopes that I'll have a nice collection by Christmas.
I've added my name to the list of hopefuls to win that beautiful handmade basket.. Your friend has done a beautiful job on it.. Thank you for sharing your kit.
Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

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