Jul 7, 2013

Not the kind of hot body you want

Greetings!  Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend.  I haven't been reading blogs or news or much of anything because my neck is being uncooperative and my hands are tingly.  Listings on Ebay took two days because of taking breaks.  This condition acts up every once in a while, and the pain and restriction doesn't allow me to look down, stitch, read, or computerize (new word?).  Not sure if that's a word, but I am disheartened to see that Merriam-Webster has not added menobrain, menomaniacal, hysterectobelly, or any other of my female related words. 
 Making two batches of cupcakes this morning for my and my nephew's combined birthday dinner went well.  He's 43, a Type I diabetic with an insulin pump implant, and a volunteer fireman.  I'm 62, a Type A personality without implants (but needed), and I volunteer my opinions.  I finally remembered to put the batter bowl in the sink when using the mixer so I had no tiny splatters on the wall to clean.  One batch is French vanilla, the other dark chocolate made with coffee instead of water.  Bakery purchased whipped cream icing from my freezer.  Never without that! 
Because some of you requested the Ebay date, I'll mention that they have all been listed and my ID is early-works.  You should find them here.  Not a lot, but here's what is offered....
Village Square - Mary Allen 1818 - Samplers Remembered
1809 Frances Eden -Handwork Samplers
The Ideal Landscape Sampler -Scarlet Letter
Charlott Steer 1836 -Essamplaire
Sheldon Hawks- Goode Huswife
Ann Green 1800 -Threads of Gold
Scrub Pine Sampler-Barrick
Exampler #10- Kingsland (1991)
Prairie Schooler - Home for Christmas (1987)
Prairie Schooler card - Amish Life (1985)
Happy Christmas -Notforgotten Farm
Medieval Angels-Mary Beale
Medieval Angel stocking card - Mary Beale
Sheepish Designs -Little Lambs
Allegheny Santa -Boyd (1988)
Tomten (Scandinavian Santa)-MaJor Presentations (1990)
Christmas Remembered -Leisure Arts (1987)
Christmas Gentlemen -Leisure Arts (1989)
I was very surprised to see that Ebay does not allow checks or money orders nor can the seller state in the listing that they would accept them.  Not fair.  What doesn't sell will be pitched posted here.

Our temperatures have been high and extremely muggy.  When you open the door it's like opening a sauna.  My flashes have been unbearable and I don't know if the weather has triggered intensity or the meds.  I am back to men's t-shirts and men's knit athletic shorts.  Long and loose.  Anything else sticks to my velcro body.  So this weekend I decided to throw in the towel. 
We had lots of unusable wood, limbs, and burnables so I just sat in front, fed the fire, and didn't feel any different.  I guess I was trying to tell my hormones that there is a force hotter than they are.  They scoffed.  And rebelled.
There's no way I can use any heat treatments on my neck because that also triggers a flash, ice packs make it tighten even more, and my TENS unit died.  It will eventually loosen.  I'm so anxious to finish Eliza!  The house is almost completed because fill-in stitching doesn't require constant head movement to check the chart.  I have my feet on the edge of the sofa, and the sampler draped over my knees to make it eye level.  Not a pretty sight.
That's about all I can handle for now.  I see that I've been blessed with new followers!  Welcome to all of you and thank you all so much for wanting to visit.  I truly appreciate each and every one of you.
Stay safe..........and cool!


cucki said...

aww yummyy..cup cakes sounds so yummy.i love them.
here it is very cold..but lovely days with sun out little in between and my maloo snug in her fav place..
sending you hugs x

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

i love your sense of humor. checkled through this relatable post !!
hope your neck feels better soon, have you tried any herbal wraps/rubs? comfrey works well for muscle/nerve dicomfort. they sell them at your local health food store and they work wonders (smell good too)

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

yeah, should have used spell check there...sorry ;)

Susan said...

So sorry your neck is giving you problems. Miserable in the best weather, but what we, and it sounds like you, are having is not the best - unless you're acclimated to a tropical rain forest.

Vera said...

Sorry about your neck Marly...not fun, I know. And the heat! Yikes I can relate. You know it's bad when it hits 90 before 11 a.m. The grocery shopping is done and I'm inside until I have to go to work tomorrow. Hope your neck improves fast.

Barb said...

I thought I had gone past the tropical moments, but today phew. I had a silly moment reading your comments and thought I had read herbal wasps , hmmm not heard of that treatment !!
Hope the neck and all associated problems soon sort themselves out Marly and you can get back to the stitches.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Ugh! I sure hope you are better soon. it is NO Good to not be able to do stuff! Damn those hormones on top of it all!

Vickie said...

Well Marly, I am in the lame club too ya know. Hang in there, I am!
Stay inside that is my plan.

Margaret said...

Sorry about your neck and all. What a bummer. How could you bake in this heat? And sit in front of a fire? ACK! It's so hot and humid! It's awful! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Glenna said...

Mmmmm, cupcakes! I'm sorry about your neck--and heavens, looking at that fire made me hot--can't imagine approaching it!

Merilde said...

Dear Marly,
So sorry to here your neck is acting up. Not fun when the weather is so unbearable. We are having the same in New England - Ugh! Sending you t well wishes.

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Marly, sorry to hear about your neck, not good.....yum yum cupcakes, making my mouth water, Blessings Francine.

Mouse said...

ohhhh at least your sense of humour hasn't gone ... hope things improve for you soon re the stitching and the flashes die down real quick ... the cake sounds yummy hope you saved us all some :) love mouse xxxx

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hope your neck loosens soon!
Thanks for the laughs...as always. What a wicked sense of humor.
Hugs :)

Kathy L. said...

Hope your neck is better soon. Your sense of humor is great even when your in pain.

Have a better week and hopefully cooler.


Chris said...

The cupcakes sound wonderful Marly.
I hope that you get some relief from the heat and the flashes. We continue to have some rain everyday so it has kept the temps down. It makes me happy :) I always start to dream about fall this time of year.
I hope that your upcoming week is a good one!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Soo sorry for your misery. Cup cakes sounds good but not today. For us it is in the 100's ... NOT much humidity makes it tolerable.
Don't know how you were able to sit in front of that fire ... maybe it sucked up the surrounding moisture in the air.
Stitchin' time now means another project for me. Am considering a small PS 2002 Santa(Patriotic) and/or Heloise Williams Sampler from The Scarlet Letter. This was the very first X-stitch I ever bought...started stitchin' and soon realized the linen I was using was too small. I Love that sampler and want to give it another whirl.
Anyways,hoping you are doing better and keep kool and safe...

Barb, with Peace and Blessings to all

Maggee said...

Hmmm... coffee instead of water--what a Great Idea! Gonna try that! Hope you are feeling better now! Big Hugs!

Shirlee said...

Hoping you feel better soon my friend!

Chelle said...

So sorry about the pain problem!

I love the term "Hysterobelly!" I've had it for three years now and it just gets bigger and bigger. If the surgeon had told me this would happen, I wold have reconsidered the surgery!

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