Jul 21, 2013

Letter to Eliza Low Pumroy

Greetings.  Thanks for your comments regarding my animals!  I will explain more in another post.
Do you remember my Letter to Lucy post?  She was a real trouble maker for me, but I did learn from her, and Eliza (Threads through Time) showed me the light in another sense.  Even with the eyelet, rice, satin, and daisy stitches, she was an absolute pleasure.  Here she is.

I was browsing for samplers and what did I see?
Your many bright colors and thought "this isn't me!"
My primitive style is drab, dull, and dark,
on all those counts, this misses the mark.
But your elements and size were right for my style,
and I knew this large piece would take quite a while.
I clicked with my mouse and you entered my cart,
but when you arrived, I hesitated to start.
The colors, I thought, would need to be changed.
Seventeen in all - would that make me deranged?

I tried and I tried but to no avail.
Calm down, deep breath, and a long exhale.
I toned down the threads with a little gray Rit.
Stitching then began, and soon after I quit.

Too many changes, too dull a look,
I decided to give up and follow the book.
With very few changes that were close to the chart,
once again, Miss Eliza, I was anxious to start.
The more I stitched and followed it through,
those bright colors you chose were fitting and true.

I haven't colored this much since I was a child,
to say your stitches were scattered is putting it mild.

As I look at my finish, so bold, so striking,
I realize that color is now to my liking.

Farewell Eliza!!!
Thanks for visiting and staying with me during this long stitch.
Enjoy your day!

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