Jul 24, 2013

A slow down

Hi everyone.  Hump day.  Can you believe how fast the weeks are going, let alone the summer?  Winter lasts forever and summer is very brief in my opinion. 
I haven't chosen a new sampler but it will probably be one of my RandR reproductions. 
Been working on the final pear and because of your tag design choices, thought you would like a house.  As usual, what I chart is changed continually as I stitch but I think I have it now!  Should be finished by the weekend.  Some tags are ready but I want to offer them all at one time so probably Monday.
Ed was here briefly this morning and will come again tomorrow morning for drywall mudding.  Things have become slower than usual because of a health issue that is not serious, is being treated, and will hopefully be cleared soon giving me my energy back. 
I've made a path to the chart stash so I can browse my choices but it won't be a large piece for sure.  I'm considering these santas too.

 And we have one more cutie to watch - now there are three.
Have a wonderful day - stay safe - thank you for visiting.
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