Jul 29, 2013

Swan Song offering

Hello people.  I don't have the chart ready but I do want to get started on the offer since I would like to draw a name on Friday.  Ed is going to rip out the kitchen cabinets and flooring to start laying the new oak, so the confusion and misplaced items will be ......... well ...... let's just say MORE than usual.
The pear is stitched on 28 count linen, and the backing fabric is one of Blackbird's sampler prints.  The stem is a grapevine piece, crooked, and sporting a wonky leaf that I may change.  I'm in control so I can do that. 
 Leave your entry on THIS POST ONLY, please include your initials in case there is more than one Deb Mary Jan Bev Carol, and a way to contact you if you are no-reply.  I will open the comments to anonymous entries and these must have a name or initial.  Drawing will be Friday 8/2 at 7pm EST. 
Open to all!!!
I really want to bring up two blogs that you should visit and will do that next time. 
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