Jul 28, 2013

My swan song

Hi everyone.  Just a quick post about my swan song.  I enjoyed these 12 pears, but am glad I won't have to rush every month to come up with a design and stitch it!
This last one features two dogs (my two dearly missed Labs) a black sheep (who could that possibly be?), and a pair of swans.  

Our local park which features a mansion overlooking a lake, had a pair of resident swans and everyone so enjoyed watching these majestic beauties and their offspring every year.  A few weeks ago, an idiot ran them over with his truck and killed both.  There is no way you could miss seeing this extremely large white pair, on a side street of the park.  Both of them.  Their young were not hurt.  So I included them to represent not only the beauty, but the evil in this world.
I am still not up to par and my head is pounding so I will just show you my swan song, and post the chart in a day or two.  It seems I ate tainted meat or fruit and bacteria decided to take up residence.  I am better.  I can't swallow pills so I cut the meds, and the taste is so horrible even an entire bag of Dove doesn't remove it.  Anyway, another little surprise.
This final pear will be offered as a giveaway - my cousin came home!!!  She is in a wheelchair and has her right arm held in a sling since it is unusable.  But she's home.
So tomorrow or Tuesday, I will post the details and the chart.  Tags are still coming!
I hope you like this final design - thanks so much for your compliments and comments this last year, and thanks for visiting.
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