Aug 3, 2013

Leather britches

Greetings.  How's the weekend going?  Are you finding the things that you had in your hand a minute ago and magically disappeared?  Are you carrying these items with you like they are stuck to your hand and depositing them elsewhere, a place you would never think them to be?  Are you getting frustrated while you climb over tables, chairs, stacks of flooring, bakeware, and stitching supplies?  Are you wondering if someone deliberately took it while a hidden camera is studying the detonation timetable of menopause subjects? 
So these are leather britches.
This photo is from York Mountain Primitives where you can purchase a strand or two.
A long ago method of drying beans for winter use which is so simple.  I saw several photos of buttery and kitchen cupboards with a long strand across the top as garland or hanging straight down along the side.  I couldn't find any really long ones so I decided to try making my own. 
 You can string them from the ends so they hang straight down but I prefer the center.  Robin featured this string on her blog The Cranky Crow.
I used a large doll making needle with cotton string to pierce the beans.  The smaller needle worked just as well, but the larger created a hole large enough to move them along the string easily, so I can slide them together as they shrink.

Here's mine drying in the garage.  It's pretty heavy right now and I used over 2# of fresh firm beans.  Allowing it to hang straight down will probably give me a better result.
I made another little pillow and changed the blues to rusty browns.  I'll probably do another this evening and maybe put the crowns from the sampler design within the heart.  It's such a quick and fun stitch!  This afternoon I will muddle through the mess and pull out the sampler charts.  Choosing the linen is harder than the design. 
I need to continue my search for a few items but taking time for the swing usually calms me down.  My single seat one that we had made for mom will go really high and the more uptight I am, the higher I go.  It's time to crank it up!  One day Mark will come home and find me sprawled out on top of the arbor. 
Thanks for visiting ~ enjoy your weekend!

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