Aug 8, 2013

My apologies to you

Hi all.  It seems that I've upset a few needleworkers with my crude methods.  Sorry.  But here's how I feel.  If we all had to follow the rules and only stitch using proper methods, some of us would not stitch at all.  Working a small project is the perfect opportunity to try new things, experiment, practice, and give us an idea of how we would manage a larger project with these elements.  If we have some difficulties, changing the method to match our ability (or patience) still allows us to be stitchers and create.  Just as a youngster brings home a wonky work of art, they are praised for effort.  Yes, there were instructions to follow for their creation, and they followed the best they could, improvising to complete their project.  Same here.  We're learning, wanting to create these pieces that catch our eye and allow hours of relaxing enjoyment, not nerve wracking tedium or a test of our skill.  I will never be a rule follower when it comes to stitching, because I am not always pleased with my end result, frustrated, and many times tempted to burn, flushshred, toss the entire project. I have no desire to change the way anyone stitches, just to show that some of us feel free to wing it.  We covet the old samplers with misspelled words, missing stitches, uneven borders, mismatched rows, so our execution of these pieces or others, should be just as much ours as theirs was theirs.  If I do a stitch incorrectly or fringe instead of frame, I am not trying to get others to follow, or become a bad influence to beginners.  I am only showing you ....... ME!!!  Wonky, menopausal, bitchy, emotional, animal loving, nail stepping, indecisive, sampler loving stitcher who needs a facelift.  Me. 
A woman who is keeping her current project in a styrofoam container from the grocery store.  Easy to keep it all together, protected from tabletop spills and construction mess.  But not what you would normally keep your projects in.  Key word - normal.
But because I think the world of all of you and so appreciate your friendship and help, I will show the correct placement of the turkey stitch loop according to other videos I have watched.
First stitch is down through the linen and the floss end becomes part of the fringe.  Then anchor stitch.
 For the basic loop, come up into the next hole from the anchor,
 and go down in the center hole behind the anchor, pulling through to create the loop.
Do the anchor stitch by coming up in the hole to the right of the loop, and go down into the same hole as the anchor stitch right edge. 
You end up with each side of the loop behind an anchor stitch. 
Correct?  If not, forgive me cause baby that's the best I can do!  I can't wait to finish and cut the loops. 
Still easier that my original video method of going left to right and coming UP behind the anchor
instead of going DOWN.
 Now - here's the boys.
And the blood.  I got my tetanus shot, antibiotics, came home, and stepped on a staple coming out of the old carpet that we took up and turned upside down to protect the floor.
This was the old wool loop and I loved it, but it matted more than any other carpet I ever had.  I really like the very abrasive backside and wouldn't mind carpeting like it.  You can see my swollen left foot and the band aid on the left edge from the staple. 
Bean watch!!
It appears the string has shrunk to half its original length and bean size.  My second string is completely different.  This is day 4 and hardly any change, whereas the first batch dried quite a bit by this time.  They appear to be getting lighter.  YAY!!!  I hope so.
 We've had a very long day and are exhausted from all the cleanup.   My battery is drained - computer and body. 
Enjoy your weekend - stay safe - stitch happy!
Thank you for stopping by.


ohiofarmgirl said...

Wow, I can not people care how you go about stitching your projects on your blog...such a curious thing! You go girl, stitch in what ever way makes you happy.
I have given up stitching since my parents passed away, I just can't. Blessings to you, Dianntha

Robin said...

Glad you had a tetanus shot; hope your foot heals quickly!

I say stitch the way you want as long as it makes you happy, Marly!

Robin in Virginia

Harvey Fambrough said...

We would never have anything new and exciting if everyone was unable to work "out of the box" Think Picasso, think Elvis,! Do what works for you and ignore those too squeamish to be creative. You go, Sister!

Penny said...

It surprises me to hear that some people have been critical of your work.... Why in heaven's name would it matter to them?! I do all my stitching the way it's easiest/best for me. It probably isn't the 'right' way, but it works for me!!!
Glad you got your tetanus shot.... sorry you stepped on that darn staple! You won't be able to walk if you keep this up!!! :)

Ronda said...

No apology necessary....kudos to you...we are all individuals and learn in our own ways...thankfully there are more people like you who take the time to share what makes things easier for just might very well help us all.

Glad you got your shot...darned now a staple...take care..

Margaret said...

Oh please. Why apologize? Why should people object to your methods? You're you, a very special you. Now as for this stepping on a staple -- yikes!!! At least you're covered now. lol! You poor thing! Love your beans! I wonder why there's such a difference between the two strings. So bizarre!

nitebyrd said...

One of the reasons I left an embroidery guild I belonged to was that they were so rigid about technique. The fun and creativity was lost because of "rules".

Really!?! We're stitching, not doing brain surgery!

Let your stitching freak flag fly, girl!

Glad you got a shot for your foot and those green bean strings are awesome!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...


Glad you got the shot. Sorry about the staple. Talk about adding insult to injury!
I hope you feel better soon!
Oh, I love your fringe and your stitching and your creativity!

Laura said...

Oh my.... People need to get over themselves. Stitch away,anyway that pleases you. I love to see how people do things differently, there are no stitching police. If I ever do meet one I will gladly tell them the same thing. To each his own. Live with it! I truly enjoy your blog, your methods, your ideas! Keep it coming! Thanks

Barb said...

I can't believe people can be so difficult! I'm with you. I do whatever I want to do. After all it is my hobby and it will be going in my house!!!! I am always changing colors, etc. Your poor foot! The kitties do look happy!

Faye said...

I say, ditto to all above.... You, being you, is what keeps us coming back.....~~

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Marly, So glad you went to the dr to get your shots! Now that you have antibiotics, I hope your foot improves soon. I can hardly believe that anybody would criticize your methods...I thought this stitching was supposed to be FUN! I break a lot of rules too, the first being using a funky sewing method that goes a lot faster than stab and poke. And I use the thread doubled loop thingy to start with :)

Janice Curtin said...

Hi Marly, I really enjoy your blog, can't understand some people. I think they need to get a life and relax. I'm like you if I find a different way to do something I try it that way, you do beautiful work. Glad you got your shot, I had to get one last summer. Keep up the good work and hope your foot is better soon. Janice in S. Illinois

Sandy98221 said...

I have to agree with all of these comments! I enjoy your ability to work "outside the box". Your ability to change colors etc. I wish I had your abilities. I also enjoy your menopause humor its always so true. Keep blogging as you chose. We enjoy you the others who cannot handle it should find a blog that is less offensive to them. For me - you've got my attention!

Mouse said...

first of all ouchie re the foot ... know exactly how that feels .... and I love to hear how you do your stuff as it inspires me to try different methods too .... I stitch different to most peeps \/ .... love your project too btw:) love mouse xxxxx

Carole said...

How silly! Years ago I worked part time in a needlework of our customers always wanted to know the correct or "right" way to do a particular stitch.....I would tell her to thread the needle and stitch....she always insisted that there had to be a "right" way ...... I told her I had never seen a Rule Book for stitching.....she never seemed to enjoy stitching.....poor soul! Enjoy what you do, no matter how you do it! P.S. Wear sound like a hazard waiting to happen!

Chris said...

Don't let the stitch police bother you. Your work is fabulous.
Ok, there need to be some rules about working in a construction zone and proper footwear. Ugh.
I hope that the shot wasn't too bad.

Jeanne said...

I wish people would lighten up...thre are more important things in this world to worry about than "proper" stitching. Continue to do what you do, without your blog...I wouldn't learn anything about stitching.
Hope your foot heals soon..and remember those shoes. I feel for you, my house is still under construction too....the mess is getting on my nerves.

karin said...

I love your blog!!!
Keep doing what you are doing.
Your insight is helpful!!
Karin ")
in NY

karin said...

I love your blog!!!
Keep doing what you are doing.
Your insight is helpful!!
Karin ")
in NY

Three Sheep Studio said...

"Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different."
Roger von Oech
Love your creativity and thinking outside of the box.

CJ said...

I am sorry you had some negative feedback regarding your Turkey Stitch. I for one am intrigued by because I have never seen it done and I plan to give it a go. On occasion I have been know to stitch backwards and upside down--I bet that would ruffle some feathers. Thank goodness I am not brave enough to share that on my blog. Know what you mean about menopause, mine came early, I love my Bio-Identical hormones. CJ

Peggy Lee said...

I love reading your blog! I can't believe some would not like it that you made that stitch your own. Your version looked like it would be easier.
I have always envied your creativity.
Keep it comin'!

C. M. Designs said...

Marly, I'm relieved that you got a tetanus shot and antibiotics.. I hope your foot will heal fast from both wounds.
I am interested in your blog, how you share your instructions, your work, your kitties, your garden, your remodeling and anything else you wish to share with your readers.
There are always going to be critics about anything and everything anyone does. You keep doing what you're doing, "the Marly way" and don't pay any attention to those who are critics to what you do and how you do it. Do just what makes Marly happy or WHY do it at all.
Have fun this weekend and behave yourself. No more injuries.
Charlotte in Virginia

Bertie said...

You should not have to apologize Marly, your work is outstanding and I love your story's and antics!! It's so original, and I learn from what you show us all the time!!
Good to hear you have had your Tetanus, one never knows.
Look at your boys, they agree with us haha.

Mugwump Woolies said...

"Normal" and rule following are highly overrated!

Annie said...

You know the modified quote from "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre", yes?

"We don't need no stinkin rules!"

Hope that foot mends quickly. Treat it nicely and have a good weekend.

Greyhaven Pines said...

I, too, visited an embroidery guild but never returned. While I loved being with a group of mostly older women who shared my passion for stitching, I was intimidated by "the right way" to do things. And as you say, if I had to stitch by the book, I would never do a project. As it is I have lots of projects in my house that make it a home and I enjoy it greatly.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Apologize???? You must be joking. The best thing about your blog posts and what keeps me coming back for more is your free, independent spirit.
It's your blog, your projects and you should feel free to share your creative process.
The critics can always go on to the next blog if they find your 'lack of rules' attitude offensive.
You are a breath of fresh air!!!
Now stop stepping on things that hurt you, please.

Vera said...

Oy vey! Agreeing with all of the above. Why anyone would care how you stitch is beyond my comprehension. I, too, love your independence, creativity and the fact that you share it all with us. You go girl (but do watch where you step). Glad you got the shot and hope your foot heals quickly.

Vickie said...

Oh Marly! Put some slippers on already huh?! ♥
So very glad you got that tetanus shot.
Geesh! That is why I never showed HOW I did my turkey work. I just showed the end product. ;)

edie said...

I'm a lurker, but I just gotta share my unsolicited thoughts here . . . THE ONLY FOLK(S) WHO SHOULD APOLOGIZE ARE THE CRITICS!!!!! Stitching is supposed to be fun. SHAME on those who have decided to take on the role of the nonexistent stitching police. I feel sorry for the children of those folks. Can you tell this is one of my soap boxes!

Marly, your blog is one of my favorites, and I look forward to your informative and fun posts. Ditto to all that's been said about your foot, and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Regarding menopause, been there, done that, and survived. Just remember: this too shall pass.

Thanks again for your blog (great photo work, too), and as you say,


Cricket-bug Corner said...

I was going to say - to hell with them all - but it looks like a lot of people have said that - not in those words! You need not apologize - your opinion - your blog - I believe there is an amendment regarding this verrrrry thing. (I said a lot for not going to say anything....I will say that maybe, just maybe you might want to wear shoes with a hard sole until construction is done... just a thought Ü

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Good girl Marly...I am a survivor of Tetanus (Lock Jaw) at the age of 9. My name actually went down in medical history in Grasslands Hospital, N.Y.
I have survived for 65 more years so, I would say that is quit a milestone...for me.

Keep safe with Peace and away from staples, Barb

6673724a-8713-11e1-8e2e-000bcdcb8a73 said...

I love your site!!! I'm in the process of making all the pears( and think maybe you can start another fruit series .. maybe ;) ) I love how you just say it, and be me... lol... I say enjoy stitching the way that makes you creative and happy...I use to be so strict with my stitching and finishing..then I realized that its not going into the museum, so why am I stressing so I create for me ! Debbie K

6673724a-8713-11e1-8e2e-000bcdcb8a73 said...

I love your site!!! I'm in the process of making all the pears( and think maybe you can start another fruit series .. maybe ;) ) I love how you just say it, and be me... lol... I say enjoy stitching the way that makes you creative and happy...I use to be so strict with my stitching and finishing..then I realized that its not going into the museum, so why am I stressing so I create for me ! Debbie K

butterfly said...

I lkie your thinking , who set the rules ! rules are for breaking. Love your work.

Stacey at Fearn Abbey Needleworks said...

Hi there. I'm new to your site, and all I can say is: Good heavens! Anyone who creates beautiful things is adding something meaningful to this world. I cannot imagine that people would be more concerned with methods than with the lovely outcome. Rules are guidelines for those of us who create, not "must do's". I think your site and your creations are lovely! I find them inspiring. Just for what it's worth... :-)

Karen said...

Hi Marly,
What a wonderful group of comments - I have to agree with all of them!
I for one have had stitching problems doing something THE PROPPER WAY and so decided to do it MY WAY...whatever works - we all get an end result no matter how we achieve it.

So happy you got the just never know!!!


Kristen said...

I am only showing you ....... ME!!! Wonky, menopausal, bitchy, emotional, animal loving, nail stepping, indecisive, sampler loving stitcher who needs a facelift.

Amen, sister!

rosek1870 said...

You go girl and stitch however you want. I believe that stitching feeds my soul and is for relaxing and feeling creative. It is not about judging or the "correct" or "perfect" way to do things. I love what you do and how you do it!

Sue Vaughan said...

Seriously? How sad are some folks! Goodness if anyone ever checked how I stitched they would have a meltdown. Surely the idea is to enjoy what you do, however you do it! Mine generally have the odd dog hair included as well! Ignore ignorant people and do what you love - your way. Sue x

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Heavens, did your foot swell up! I hope you are o.k. You should see what I have my stitching resting in (I won't show!). I don't care about "Rules" for stitching. As far as I am concerned, if I can't get a technique done the right way, I won't do it at all or I'll try to get it as close as I can. Who cares???? And you are right, this blog is about YOU!!

Simply Victoria said...

In just the short time I have been a follower, I have learned much from you. Thanks for sharing your work and methods of the way it works for you!

maria4katter said...

Your cats are just beautiful!//Maria and the cats Kinga, Busan, Pamira and Lilla Gubben.

Bonny Woomer said...

Stitching (or any creative endeavor) shouldn't be bound by rules. If you're looking for perfection they have machines for that! As a cross-stitch designer I consider my patterns to be only a suggestion, to be interpreted by the purchaser any way they please...and I LOVE getting pictures of their interpretation! Break some rules...go for it!!!

Maggee said...

Holey moley! That is not good! I hope the foot is feeling better now that some time has passed. I love your final finished pillow, but I won't be trying that finish. If it caused YOU that much trouble, I definitely must stay away!! I am not that experienced in specialty anything! I am very behind in reading posts, so am off to go read more current ones of yours! Oh, the heck with people being negative. That's what the DELETE button is for! Hugs!

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