Aug 7, 2013

Turkey turnaround- lots of photos

Hey!  Two in one day.  But I confused the heck out of you with the first one.  OK.  Here's what I'm doing now, right or wrong, it's working out a lot better.  Much better.  When I watched the video, the needle was coming up left and going down right.  As I mentioned, when I switched that, the back was very bulky. 
But I tried again and changed the stitch slightly.    I come up to make the loop in the next hole so one linen thread is between the prior anchor stitch and new loop.
Make the loop, and go down into the hole to the left of the loop, which is one linen thread back, and the same hole as the anchor stitch. 
Pull through, keeping the loop size you want, and come up one linen thread to the right of the loop.
Go back to the left again, crossing over the front of the loop, and go down in the same hole that the loop and anchor stitch are in.
Pull tightly to form the anchor stitch and then start again!  When the floss piece is ending, bring it back through to the front and trim to the fringe length.
 Here's the difference in the back.
BIG difference in stitching time for me and also neatness.  This is the mess from using the first method and all the split thread.
Now they are neat, or at least close to that.
So here's the difference.  First method called for the loop to be two linen threads over, in the center hole behind the anchor.  I'm only moving one stitch over, and the loop is entirely in the anchor.
So there 'ya go.  The wrong way to do the turkey trot but my preferred method.  Next time, it will be backed with linen and this stitch will go through both fabrics at once, finishing it as the turkey is created.  Do you think my friend will mind my wonky fringe?
My husband is insisting on a tetanus shot tomorrow so I called and asked how bad they hurt!  She said it will hurt, but three days later it will be difficult to move that arm and very sore.  Whatever.  My foot is so swollen my toes are pointing up and causing a walk similar to a Weeble.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a's me.
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Merry Wind Farm said...

Marly, definitely listen to your hubby and go get your tetanus shot soon, like tomorrow! Or even tonight, if you have a 24 hr clinic near you. Please don't put it off!

Pam in IL said...

So, umm, I think you should go get that shot. I speak from experience, having stepped on a nail or two myself. I can so feel your pain!

I'm going to have to get a scrap piece of fabric and floss and try that stitch you're working on.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Well, Marly, I am still totally confused but it doesn't take much :) Maybe if I tried it it would make more sense.
Please listen to hubby and Dr. Melinda and get that shot ASAP.
Hugs :)

Cathy said...

Thank you for posting this! Years ago I needed this stitch for a project and had no idea how to do it and no where to find it--pre internet days. A friend and I sort of winged our way through it. On my project when the stitch was finished the loops were cut to make a very nice and fuzzy hat on a little child in an embroidery project. I'm pinning this so I'll have it for the next time.

Cathy ♥

Pondside said...

The stitch looks really difficult but i going to use a scrap of linen and follow your instructions.
Now - go get that shot!

Penny said...

I just got the Tdap shot (tetanus, diptheria and pertussis). It hurt a bit, I had a sore arm for several days and it bruised... but in spite of all that, it really wasn't all that bad. Definitely get it ASAP!

Krista said...

What a great stitch, thanks for the tutorial! Hope all is ok!

Chris said...

Wow, it looks amazing. I should try it...but then I would have to have something finished.
Get the shot!!!!

C. M. Designs said...

I'm sooo sorry that your toes are swollen. That is NOT a good sign. Your husband is very smart to insist that you get the tetanus shot.. The pain of the shot isn't bad and it will prevent anything worse as your toes heal.
Please take care of yourself..
I'm thinking about you.
Hugs for good health.
Charlotte in Va.
PS====Your "turkey" stitching is amazing.. I don't know if I would ever try to do it, but your explanation would give me a start. Bless your talented heart.

Three Sheep Studio said...

I love this stitch exactly as you are doing it !
Beautiful work.
Thank you for taking the time to post all of the photos...makes a huge difference in understanding it.

cucki said...

Sweet stitch..I love it.
Hugs x

Vickie said...

This is a difficult stitch for me. I sit right in front of the video for a bit, watching it twice usually. Then you get the hang of it and it goes alright.

I am sooooooo worried about you and your foot. Hoping you are preparing to get to the doctor right now.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

quacks like a bitch - omg that made my day. Go get that shot - you don't need lock jaw - you wont be able to quack!!

Ronda said...

Love the stitch,,,thank you for sharing. ~ get the shot .. consider the alternative..


Carol said...

You make it look easy with this new method, Marly, but I still don't think I could do it without personal instruction! It looks great, though--glad you figured out a way that works.

Yes, go get the shot--that is not something to take a chance with! Good luck...

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh, get that shot!!!! Yikes!! I do think you figured that stitch out -- much better!

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