Aug 10, 2013

This little hairy bastard

Can you tell I'm not in a good mood? 
Here's the finish, filled with walnut shells, backed with a darker greenish taupe linen, with both linen colors variegated with the floss in this darling fringe, and if I wasn't done burning the wood it would be ash by now. I wasted DAYS that I could have put toward a sampler.  I wasted three pieces of linen working on the back which is impossible to neatly attach when you don't turkey through both sides at once.   This hairy little bastard has tried my patience more than Lucy and that ***** bird design put together.  I've tried to keep my cool, have patience, take a deep breath, but my breath is now fire. 
  I was about to attach the trim over the stitching on the back, when I saw this.  I don't know if it happened when attaching and removing the backing stitches, or probably when releasing the linen threads for fringe, but these pulled off.  Could I fix them?  Probably.  Do I want to devote more time to it?  Hell no.  Will I ever do fringe again?  Yes.  But I'll find a different way. 
But look at my leather britches.  The beans are almost completely dried and I hung them with my sweet potato garland.  I think they will eventually turn brown but that will take more time. 
The other string that is drying much more slowly, is continuing to lighten.   Happy happy.  No yellow wax beans at the markets but I'll keep looking.
So what's next?  A break.  I want to get these tags finished, do a few boxes, stitch a Santa, and think about the next sampler.  Right now, it's best I do nothing because when I get upset, it stays for a while.  In this case, with all the thread splits, knots, tangled loops, six strand pile-ups, and frogs choking at every turn, I should have probably released a little steam from this pressure cooker now and then.  The bigger the explosion, the longer it burns. 
Thanks for your concern over my foot, which is back to normal size and feeling much better.
I hope your weekend is safe and enjoyable.  Thanks for visiting!


Jacqueline said...

Just keep telling yourself "this too shall pass".

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Marly, Sorry you had so much trouble with that turkey stitch, if things are fussy and aggravating, that isn't any fun. Love, love your display on the wonderful old red cupboard.


Bertie said...

Practice make perfect marly, designers will follow in your footsteps, it's looking good!
Your display looks wonderful, you can be proud;)
Have a restfulll Sunday-)

Vera said...

Oh Marly, you make me laugh so much. Thank you!! I could, at times, be an echo of what you say. Sorry the turkey fringe was such a hassle, but I think it looks wonderful. And, I do LOVE your display with the britches, your bag (so much better than SANQ) and your sampler. Very inspiring. Hoping your Sunday finds you taking it easy and enjoying the waning days of summer. I am so ready for FALL!!

Pondside said...

You are a better woman than I - I'd have pitched it long ago - something for my heirs to find when I'm long gone and then they can take it on like a sacred trust 'look, Nana left this - she must have been working on it when she passed - we have to finish it'. The the %*#$ed thing will become an heirloom!

linda said...

You are too funny Marly. I give you kudos for trying new things! I get paralyzed with fear I can't do finishing well.
Just let your ideas simmer for awhile and then jump back in!
I so enjoy your blog. Have a restful weekend.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

I was wondering how you were going to finish it. In spite of all your frustrations, it looks perfectly charming. I know I will never do the turkey fringe, no matter how great I think it looks. I know before I start that it's not for me as my patience is waning the older I get. Love all your drieds. Not sure I will try them but, I did do 4 small pineapples. Loved the results too. Want to do more of those cloved pears you showed us. Thanks for all your sharing ... it is appreciated.

Fondly with warm blessings,

Margaret said...

You sound frustrated, but it looks gorgeous. A beautiful finish to me! Love seeing your Leather Britches next to the potato garland and your beautiful stitching. Glad your foot is better. Whew!

Sandra said...

I think it looks fantastic. No one would ever know there were problems if you weren't willing to share them with us. At least you have an amusing way of relating your frustrations. Love reading your blog.
Homespun Elegance

C. M. Designs said...

I've been stitching the Prarie Schooler Santas that you've done. I threw away two of the Santas dressed in blue before I got one right..
I would rather start over when sewing something than rip seams or correct mistakes.. I know how you feel !
I want to go to a Farmer's market to see if I can find some yellow wax beans. If not, I want to make some "leather britches" as you have done.
I'm getting my Fall candles in order. I've tried Apple Pumpkin from Yankee candles and just love it.
Have a happy, restful, peaceful Sunday. Clear your mind of anything aggravating..
Charlotte in Va.

Glenna said...

Oh, dear about the hairy little bastard. So lovely otherwise!

Poor foot--I'm glad it's feeling better.

Barb said...

Even though you are very frustrated, it looks good . The beans are really looking great!

Ronda said...

Still looks good.....walk away walk time it will be easier...hairy little bastards can be like that!....

have a great night!..

glad you foot is better


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Well the title made me laugh - out loud! i hate when something is fussy like that! I love the fringe and stitching!

Krista said...

Beautiful finish, Marly! Love it!

Lida said...

Hahaha, I reed it like it would be me and mine troubles in finishing things!
I know the fired breath and the explosions all to well! So find something else and release some steam, maybe some snowman can bring you some coolness!

Peggy Lee said...

You are far more talented than I and I know how frustrated I get when something doesn't work for me.
I can see what you're talking about but I think anyone would treasure it.
I hope your blood pressure returned to normal quickly and I'm glad your foot is feeling better.

Three Sheep Studio said...

My Marly, you are a colorful woman !
Your sense of humor shines through the frustration. ;)
It is ALL good.
Love the look of the beans and the sweet potatoes. ;)

Vickie said...

Just admire from a distance, not up close under your nose. ;) It looks beautiful.
I really like your red cupboard.

cucki said...

aww sweet display..i love it..
big hugs x

Robin said...

Glad your foot is doing better! I like your 'hairy' project. I think it turned out fabulous. And I also want to say I love your decorative talents.

Robin in Virginia

Paula said...

Gorgeous!! No matter how you did it, it was worth it!

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