Aug 11, 2013

A day without fringe

Greetings!  Are you enjoying the weekend?  Our weather has been too cool for summer, but very nice and sunny.  Today there was no fringing around!  I tried to get the rooms into organized chaos.  Did a fairly good job, enough that there is a definite path to follow without tripping. 
I had a little time to start a few of these, but the new printer is spitting them out in different hues than the prior machine.  Lots of adjustments and I'm thinking - just start over.  I had quite a few of the folk art labels sized and ready but never got to them before Niky's Creations featured hers.  I waited and waited before offering mine.  Honestly, I like hers!  She has a scalloped border and aging around the edges.  Very nice.  She may offer more and her Etsy site with other goodies is here.
Started a few of these.
And offered a second chance.  The fraying fringe would not have bothered me, but I planned it as a gift and didn't want it to come apart in someone else's hand.   So I tried again.  And guess what?  I'm still not happy.  I never really cared for the fabric frame so I will take it apart and use this print on the back, maybe attach a hanger.  It would have been quicker to just stitch another but I dyed this linen for those threads and have no more.

Company just came.  Skinny Limper is allowing me to walk very close to her with the bread.  She comes several times a day and waits until I see her and offer her corn.  Big Daddy doesn't seem to mind my presence either.  The mosquitoes are taking advantage of my flesh so I think I will head back into the house, or switch to the single swing and start flying.  They can't land when you create as big a draft as I do.  I used to have a large standing fan that kept them away too.  Have NO idea what happened to it.  It's not easy to lose something that large, but if anyone can, it's me.
Have a great start to a new week. 
Thank you for visiting.

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