Sep 18, 2013

Leave 'em in the dust

Hey.  What's happening in your world?  Good stuff I hope.  My drywall guy showed up early morning, not planned, but I invited him in to sand.  Since I wasn't prepared, nothing was covered and I scrambled to move things out of his way and try to throw sheets.  This new "less dust" formula for drywall is ... well....
weird.  Microfiber cloths, Swiffer cloths, vacuum hoses, nothing seems to work to pick it up.  It just moves around like being pushed out of the way.  I had to do the floors with a wet cloth and white swirl marks plus a haze are left.  It did carry into the other rooms which it claims it won't do.
I worked on a few new labels and what's her name.  One band is a chain stitch and I needed to go back to Needle 'n Thread for a review.  Was it the stitch I was doing?  Yep.  Happy happy.  Her post today is about the Puffin & Co. thread separator and I'm glad she showed how to use it!  I love their pieces and would probably put it on a chain as jewelry.
Now for Blogger.  What am I doing wrong?  When I want to learn more about new followers and see if they have a blog, I click on their icon in the Followers box.  Some times I am taken to Google + and can't see anything about the person, or I see their profile and can send a message but there's no other links.  When I clicked on what I thought was their blog in one profile, I was blasted with porn.  Took forever to remove it all so I am leery of doing that again.  So what's a girl to do? 
Today will be a day of rest for the neck and hopefully close in on a finish of what's her name.  My sister needs a ride and I told her to take my car since I don't want to waste this sunshine in a parking lot.  I think I may have to pay the big bill for her car repairs so I guess getting boxes ready for sale would be a better idea.  But I have a friend waiting for me, and don't want to disappoint.
This morning I made the short drive to the cemetery, washed the granite,  placed the new silk mums, and lit the candle.  It's their anniversary.
I went back to last September's posts and saw that I did decorate for fall early.  I think the mums and pumpkins looked nice!  But I'm still upset about the end of summer so maybe just cornstalks this year.  Depends on the mood. 
That's all I got.  Worn out, dusty, and lazy.
I hope your hump day is filled with sunshine, whether from the sky or your heart.
Thanks for visiting!

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