Oct 27, 2013

Christmas tree and cake

Hi everyone!  I've been freezing for a few days with our very cold temps, and I hope you have some warmth and sunshine this weekend.  I miss it!!!
We had to make another white knuckle (for me) trip and decided to stop at Meander Hill for a bit.  We didn't know it was their Christmas open house and it was packed.  It's a large shop in an old barn with DR Dimes' furniture and others, lots of accessories, and a ton of Christmas items.  I used to love crowds and hectic shopping but now, in my witchy older state, get the hell away from me.  I can't stand it!!  The flashes come on, I'm surrounded by warm bodies, I want to see an item and have to wait till someone moves.  It's not that people are rude, quite the opposite.  It's just that I don't want them in my way.  I'm a grab and go shopper and I can't do that if some putz is taking her time to look, answers her phone, takes a photo, asks the caller what she thinks, how about this price, do you think it will look nice in my home....  SHOP RAGE.  Get the hell out of my way!!!  I was a little disappointed with all the glitter this year, but they did have a few of my trees for sale.  They have many 3' and 4' that are not for sale and used for their wares every year and this is the first year in quite a while that I have seen an offer.  Here is their facebook page of photos, and if I remember correctly, they had a few 4' trees like this for $50, one that was lighted, and others that are frosted for a higher price.

 WeBeChristmas has these two and both are made with stiff branches for heavy ornaments.  They used to have the 7' also.
I believe this bottom one is the same as Meander has.
I had a few requests for the cake which is an old recipe from a beat up 1957 book that mom modified.  It's chiffon, not your usual moist and sweet cake, but we love it.  I leave out the lemon rind and I've added the chocolate chip instructions at the end.  Never tried the Maple Pecan version but may give it a try.  The Mahogany is my favorite.  Not overly chocolate, not too sweet.
Here's the pages with instructions if anyone wants to copy.
 Softasilk cake flour is still on the market along with another brand.  I purchase whipped cream icing from my grocery's bakery and one pound is plenty for this size.  This is the baking chocolate that I use.
The woodpeckers are having a party outside trying to get in, so my screaming jumping jacks are disturbing the neighbors.  Mark already put the water hoses away but with this wind, I would be spraying myself anyway.  They're so far up on the house that the water probably wouldn't reach them.
Haven't picked a paint color yet and I could probably open a little shop with all these color samples.  I just don't understand why I see PINK in everything!  Settle down Vickie!!
Enjoy your Sunday.
Thanks for visiting!

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