Oct 18, 2013

New colors on an old favorite

Greetings.  Having a good day?  If you're reading this, you're still with us = a good day.  I finally gave up on summer and changed the closet from lightweights to heavyweights, and while sorting through sandals, came across a very old fashioned looking comfortable pair that I never wear.  I said to myself that I should hold on to them because I'll soon be the old lady with the sensible shoes in the nursing home.  Don't know where that came from but it really threw me off balance for the rest of the day.
My attempt at the more subdued Santa is a toss up.  This is the photo from the leaflet and my finish.

I used a design from #88 which is on the lighter linen since I will be changing many of those too.   I like the softer look and think it will be even better on the darker linen.  But to tell the truth, I like them both.  I lightened the face from 407/356 to 3773/3772 and changed the beard from white to 3866.  His coat is 3860/3023, gown 3045, boots 3787, and greenery 3011.  I'll probably continue changing some of the colors in the others, but maybe not the entire piece.  Or maybe the entire piece.  Or not at all.  Depends on the mood I guess.
Went to the chiropractor this morning and my left side trapezius and upper back is nothing but knots and much higher than the right side.  He never felt such tightness and I have to submit to the torture of a myofascial release on Tuesday.  She tried a few weeks ago and I couldn't take the pain so she stopped.   The procedure is done by a therapist and they go deep into the muscle to separate the layers, releasing the trapped chemicals and knots.  Yoi.  Just press lightly and I see stars!  Digging fingers deep into it ..... may not be able to handle it again.  There isn't anything you can take beforehand topical or otherwise since it is so deep into the muscle and trigger points.
My sister's birthday was this week, she turned 75.  This was a few years ago - I'm the one with the dyed hair and the empty plate that contained four different desserts.  She's not worried about comfortable shoes.  She thinks she's moving in here for me to take care of her. 
Think again sista!!
That's all I got today.  I had a few emails that are no-reply and I wanted to respond here, but can't find them now.   I did have a few questions about the book I showed, and if you would like more information you can find it on Scarlet Letter's website here.
 There are two dozen sweet potatoes in the oven.  I buy them on sale, bake, peel, wrap individually with Saran, and freeze in a large freezer bag.  I hope to have some time left to paint a few boxes.  Really want to get them posted for sale soon.
Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.
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Colleen said...

Hmmmm...I'm like you...I like both Santa's :) It would be difficult for me to choose one over the other. I love the colors you substituted.

Ouch...sounds painful to have someone "digging" into already sore muscles...YIKES!! I KNOW I need to have some "tweaking" done on my lower back but I'm stubborn and won't go. I'll probably have to give in soon, though. Good luck to you.

Rita said...

I love your Santa but I also love the original colors.

I tend to hold any tension I have in my trap muscles and often have some trigger points. (I'm a PT and once "amazed" a massage therapist when she realized I knew what they were and what she should do with them.) Hurts like the dickens to have them worked on but it seems to help me afterwards.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Good luck with the "digging." Ouch! It's fun to get to actually see you in that picture and put a face to these funny posts of yours. I so look forward to them. Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love your Santa, and can't wait to see more! I prefer old world Santa's to not be all traditional Christmas reds and greens. I guess it makes them seem too modern to me. Your color choices just seem so perfect!
Good luck with the muscle knots...therapy can be painful.
Debbie P

Melissa said...

Marly, I love your experimentation with the colours on your Santas! I love the new softer colours as it's something different. I like them both!

Ouch to your back. I totally get what you mean. We all get these aches and pains more as we grow older.

That's a lovely picture of you and your sista!

Vickie said...

What a nice picture of you and your sister. She wants to move in 'cuz you take very good care of her already!♥
I love sweet potatoes too. ;) I'm not just a pumpkin nut. ha!

Evelyne said...

I do love the both Santa's.
Lovely picture of you, like your hair!

Have a nice weekend, Evelyne

Robin said...

Good luck with the deep digging of your muscle knots! Your Santa looks good to me.

Have a fabulous weekend, Marly!

Robin in Virginia

Simply Victoria said...

Like your color changes.
A big "ouch" to the trap work. My massage therapist says my left shoulder is like granite. So I get your tightness and pain. Sadly stitching makes it tighter for me :(

Rugs and Pugs said...

Good luck with the muscle therapy.
Hey, you look like you could eat 4 desserts every day of the week.
Happy birthday to your sis!!!
Hugs :)
P.S. Miss Clairol is my best bud :)

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Ohhh I would love to have some knots released. Love your santas. You and your sister sure are purdy girls! Love those smiles!

cucki said...

I do love both of the Santa ..lovely colors..
You looking so sweet..pretty picture of you :)
Big hugs x

Margaret said...

Your Santas are wonderful! Love the pic of you and your sister.

Barb said...

I love the Santas both ways. Yours looks more "antique". In my humble opinion, that is good!

Penny said...

The different colors you used on your Santas are just great.... love the change, although the original colors are really nice, too.
Good luck with your muscle knots... hope you get some relief soon.
What a nice pic of you and your sister!!
Love me some sweet potatoes, too!
Have a great weekend!

Pam in IL said...

Umm, yea, I've had the digging too. Unbelievable pain, but it did eventually help.

I like the colors you chose for the santa, but I agree with you -- I like them both too.

eszter said...

Dear Marly, I really like the new colors for Santa. Absolutely original idea! Happy Birthday to your sister!

Rowyn said...

I love both your Santas.

C. M. Designs said...

A belated Happy Birthday to your sister.. You both have beautiful smiles. I wouldn't blame her for wanting to live with you..
I really like the change of colors on your Santas.. I knew they'd be gorgeous. You make me want to do all of my red and green ones over in the softer colors.
I find that stitching causes tension in my neck and shoulders. It's not going to stop me though.
I'll be thinking about you next week. I hope you can get relief without too much pain. Best wishes.
Charlotte in Virginia

sandi s said...

I love your Santas. The colors are great!

Sandra said...

I love the "primitive" look of your Santas. Of course, I always love red at Christmas, but having traditional and primitive parts to my house opens me up to way too many choices. Sometimes it just drives me crazy.
Yum - I love sweet potatoes. What are you going to do with them.
Hope you feel better soon. I've done the chiropractor thing too and have thought about the deep muscle procedure. That does not sound like any fun at all. I feel for you.
Homespun Elegance

Chris said...

Happy Belated birthday to your sister!! Looks like you were having fun!

Carol said...

Hope your sister had a great birthday--love the photo of you two. You look totally different than I pictured you, Marly!! Love your curls and welcoming smile :)

Good luck tomorrow with that myofascial release. I have no experience with chiropractors, but it sounds like torture!! Hope it helps...

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