Oct 19, 2013

Strike a pose and pick a handful

Hello people.
Three down - ???? to go.
  Changed the green pants to gray, blue cape to gray, face and beard colors, and didn't follow the handheld items.  The same pose is used several times in books 80 and 88, so I just choose the items I like best for that particular pose.  This lantern is a smaller version of one that is hanging in book 80 and I just put it on top of a staff that is used several times.   I don't like to stitch small cute things, so I'm leaving the dolls and toys out of this series.  In the last one, I added some twigs instead of stitching the toys in the back pack.   There's not a thing wrong with these designs as they are charted, but I prefer a simpler look.  This week.  Maybe before I finish them into ornaments, I'll add a few toys!  I also don't know if I want to add the backstitched border.  I'll wait until they are all completed to decide, and hopefully not want them changed after they're hanging on a tree.
I think the furnace starting up again has triggered a competition with my hormones for the heat index.  It seems whenever there is a season change, my flashes feel the need to adjust, just to make sure I'm not comfortable.
Lots of stuff to do today, have a great weekend.
Thanks for visiting!
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