Jan 29, 2014

Marching to a different drum

Hi everyone.  Hope you're doing well.  I thought I would show my disaster attempt at a pinkeep drum.  Drum pinkeep.  Damn pinkeep.  The frustrating tricky part is of course, getting the round top sewn on.    Now keep in mind, I am not a professional nor do I play one on TV.  This is my own way to find the laziest and easiest method, which may not even work. 
Started off with my lint brush, then a light interfacing.   I'm really glad I finally had a lucid moment to think of this.  One way, the brush makes all the hidden tails appear, the other way it removes the cuts. 
I removed a linen thread the same distance on each side and the bottom.  I kept this removal about 1/4" from the where the seam will be sewn.  Folding it in half and matching up those lines makes perfect alignment.
Then I trimmed the top to the right height and removed threads until I got a perfectly even edge. 
 So far so good.  This is where it all fell apart. So we'll pause here for something cute.
I measured the distance between the seam and divided by Pi (3.1416) to get the size for the top, which was 3 1/2".  No I did not remember how to figure this but my smarty pants husband remembers everything he was taught from every subject.  Really.  Ticks me off.  After cutting the denim circle at 4" (1/2" added for seam allowance-was this wrong and where I made my error?), I basted and gathered, pinned and sewed to the inside of the drum.
Looked a little too small and kind of wonky.  So I took it apart and tried again, shortening the seam allowance and giving the top piece more fabric.  This time it was too large and looked like a muffin top.
 So before I lost my patience, I decided to try something else.  And here it is.
I sewed a strip of muslin to the top edge and then basted to gather.
Then I drew a circle on another piece of muslin and sewed it right sides together to the denim.  All the way around, no opening for turning so I had a perfect circle.  A slit in the muslin, seams pressed open, right side out, and another press.
 I will probably sew a circle to the bottom and then I can stuff the drum, gather the top closed, and trim excess.  The denim circle can then be hand sewn to the top.
I quit for the day and will pick it up tomorrow.  Not sure how the finishing will go, but I really expected this to be easy.  Maybe I was just tired.
To be continued...............


Vickie said...

I sure hope it works out, because this is such a good idea for that piece. I especially appreciated the pause for cuteness. =)

gracie said...

I'll wait for you to perfect it before I try one! Hurry and finish so I can learn...lol

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Marly, love the idea, keep going, you will get it, I have faith!!!!! Ahhh, love the cuteness, Blessings Francine.

C M Designs said...

The "pause for the cuteness" made my day.. You are sooo good to those poor babies.. I hope, that one day, they'll be lap kitties for you. That's hoping a lot isn't it.
Charlotte in Virginia

Robin in Virginia said...

I love your can do and will attempt attitude, Marly. Looking forward to seeing your finished drum!

Robin in Virginia

Maggee said...

Well, I am definitely waiting for the beep on that finish before I attempt it! I thought it looked easy also! Hugs!

Carol said...

Ha ha--"I am not a professional, nor do I play one on TV!!" Love it--I'll definitely have to remember that line, Marly :)

I wouldn't have even the slightest idea of how to finish a drum pinkeep, but I enjoyed reading about your thought process and how when something doesn't work out, you just persevere... I know you'll end up with a fabulous finish!

Hope the sun is shining up your way--we've reached 11 and it feels almost normal :)

Dirty Martini Queen said...

The break for cuteness was so sweet. I love napping kitties!
I know that you'll conquer the drum and look forward to your directions before I attempt it.

Chris said...

You can do it!! That you for the cute intervention :)

Theresa said...

One technique I've used is to hand-sew a circle of wool to the drum/roll. That way, you don't have to worry about finished edges (wool won't unravel). Just figure out the size circle you need, make sure your drum is packed nice and tight, tuck in the top edges of your drum (you can even iron them over), and sew away. You could use a cross stitch or blanket stitch if you wanted to be decorative.

Keep at it -- it looks great!

Peggy Lee said...

I would have given up long before you did. My pause would have been for chocolate, or wine, or both!
I can't wait to see how it turns out. Knowing you, it will be a work of art!

Penny said...

Everything I stitch gets a frame... or is just hung up as is. I can't do any of these wonderfully fancy finishes!! Kudos to you for giving it a shot, and I know it will be great when you are done!
And I agree with the others.... thanks for the cuteness of kitties!

Lil Raggedy Angie said...

Wish I had words of wisdom for you however I'm not a stitcher of that sorts ...but your lightness of the situation did make me giggle...I'm sorry lol..best of luck HAPPY stitching..Hugs lil raggedy Angie

Barb said...

I read the one above first. I'm so glad to see how wonderful things worked out. Thanks again for the great directions.

Catherine said...

I don't know that I would even try that finish ~ kudos to you ~ and looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

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