Jan 28, 2014

Room two

Barnwood.  Valspar color mixed at Home Depot - Behr eggshell enamel.  It's more brown than shows here.  A nice grayish brownish with NO pink tones. Slight greenish cast in certain light.  Lots of ish's.
 I'm taking a paint break to work on the pinkeep drum.  My car battery is dead and we'll be venturing out into the cold for a new one when he gets home from work.  And buying more cat food and litter. 
Bud just came back in after a half hour outside, and where in this zero temp he found water and mud is a mystery.  But he is filthy.  Muddy paw prints everywhere and his white legs are brown.   Nitzy was so cozy in the lighted box that he wouldn't come in last night.  I couldn't coax him out!  We will buy another plug-in socket ($2!) at Lowe's and grab another extension cord to hook up a second box for Squeak.
I thought about what I asked you to think about and came to a decision.  Wait.  Never mind.  If I had a designer outfit, I wouldn't want my friends wearing knock-offs for 1/4 the price.   Would that pertain to an antique?  I think it would.  Unless I was the one offering the knock-off.  So my answer - it would depend on the item and how I felt at the time.  How's that for waffling?  But it's true.
Right now I need to wipe muddy prints off the floor and jump in the shower.  Wish me luck on my first drum.  Because of its height, I'm pretty sure I will be using Mylar for shape and stability.  We'll see how that goes.  Only one way to find out!!
Stay safe - thanks for visiting.


Barb said...

It is so nice of you to care for the cats in the nasty weather!

Lanie said...

Love the paint color, Marly. Good luck on your first drum. I've always liked them but never tried one myself ... look forward to you posting about your 'adventure'.

Margaret said...

Pretty paint color! My car didn't want to start this morning either. It was a close thing!

Jacqueline said...

Love the paint color

Mel said...

Hi, my name is melanie and just recently found the pears, ill be laid up for two months having ankle surgery and I'm planning on stitching these for my mom so by christmas ill have a basket of pears. You do beautiful work and are so very generous, I just wanted to say thank you.

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