Jan 28, 2014

Room two

Barnwood.  Valspar color mixed at Home Depot - Behr eggshell enamel.  It's more brown than shows here.  A nice grayish brownish with NO pink tones. Slight greenish cast in certain light.  Lots of ish's.
 I'm taking a paint break to work on the pinkeep drum.  My car battery is dead and we'll be venturing out into the cold for a new one when he gets home from work.  And buying more cat food and litter. 
Bud just came back in after a half hour outside, and where in this zero temp he found water and mud is a mystery.  But he is filthy.  Muddy paw prints everywhere and his white legs are brown.   Nitzy was so cozy in the lighted box that he wouldn't come in last night.  I couldn't coax him out!  We will buy another plug-in socket ($2!) at Lowe's and grab another extension cord to hook up a second box for Squeak.
I thought about what I asked you to think about and came to a decision.  Wait.  Never mind.  If I had a designer outfit, I wouldn't want my friends wearing knock-offs for 1/4 the price.   Would that pertain to an antique?  I think it would.  Unless I was the one offering the knock-off.  So my answer - it would depend on the item and how I felt at the time.  How's that for waffling?  But it's true.
Right now I need to wipe muddy prints off the floor and jump in the shower.  Wish me luck on my first drum.  Because of its height, I'm pretty sure I will be using Mylar for shape and stability.  We'll see how that goes.  Only one way to find out!!
Stay safe - thanks for visiting.
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