Jan 7, 2014

The dance of the reds

Oh my.  If you're in this frigid zone, I hope you and all furbabies near you are safe and warm.  If you're in warmth somewhere....(sigh).....can I visit?
My decision making skills were a ruse!  I tricked myself into thinking my paralysis over choices was done.  It's not.
 The chart calls for 9777 and 355 for the flowers, even though the model chart was stitched with something much darker.  Using the called for reds, which I love, I didn't see any definition between the two so naturally, I'm playing around.  I subbed 221 for the 3777 but one strand of floss doesn't have the intensity so the shading isn't very noticeable.  I don't want to use two strands as I did on the tail and mane.
That leads to this mess because I changed the greens too.
I think I have it figured out.  After all of these of really nice choices, there has to be more than a shade or two of difference when using one strand.  So I pulled 902 and 355, or 221 and 3830.   Aren't these reds fabulous?  So hard to choose.
I'm stitching one side first because I can't wait to do these flower colors.  The top of the design just ends, I guess to fit closely to the frame, but I'll make an attempt to extend the design or change it to fit within the chart count but have completed elements.  There isn't a thing wrong with it as charted, but I just can't leave well enough alone. 
 We had a pawjama party last night.  Sheets of plywood held up by chairs secured them in my back room for the night.  Much of my sawdust for stuffing and an old pan became a makeshift litter box.  I didn't have a choice.  Mark insisted they not be left out in their insulated condos. My brother uses a socket extension cord and either a 15 or 25 watt regular bulb, secured inside his stray's boxes for heat.  A 40 watt heats a larger dog house but you need a light bulb cage to protect from breakage.  Anything more is too hot.  Nitzy wanted out.  The other two stayed in here all day and night.  I finally shoved them out this morning to take care of business and now they are snuggled in for the day once again.  But Nitzy still wants out.  He is NOT a housecat.  Even in this weather he is climbing trees and hunting.
So the brats and I will fight it out again today and probably tonight.  Squeaky showed up this morning and ate quite a bit, but won't drink water and won't come in.  Maybe that's good since Bud still attacks him and they would be confined to one room.  Warmer weather will come on Thursday and Friday, the house will quit snapping and popping, and the ice will melt off the windows. 
Stay safe everyone!
Thanks for visiting.


Bertie said...

Red Decisions Marly! Happy New Year BTW and keep warm. The forecast's we see on the news here in the UK are horrendous and I can see snow behind one of your C(br)at's, we have not seen a bit of that white stuff as yet. Love your new banner!

Анна С. said...
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C. M. Designs said...

It's wonderful that you let the kitties in out of the cold. I'm glad to hear that Squeak is still around..
You have an eye for color so I think any red you choose will be just right..
Stay warm.
Charlotte in Virginia

Lanie said...

Marly, I'm loving your choices for 'Horses' ... can't wait to see what you do with this!
Another night of bitter cold and then it looks like we will be in the 40's by the end of week ... my, almost tropical ;)

Vickie said...

I am glad Squeaky is surviving. Will he use the condos when the others are not around?

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marly, love the horses, beautiful red.....Glad the kitties are warm and cozy inside.., everyone is warm and cozy, Francine.

Angie said...

Marly, I'm glad your kitties are doing well. Your stitching is beautiful.
My 4 semi wild outside cats did not want to come in the garage. They are surviving in 18 gallon Sterlite/Rubbermaid boxes with a crawl hole on one of the short ends cut out and filled with straw. The stray cat that came by and stayed since November is sitting in the garage in front of my Duraflame electric heater (because this heater stays cool to the touch). I believe someone left him behind. He must be part 'snow cat'. He went out both mornings when we had below zero temps with a wind chill of negative twenty here in Kentucky and climbed the peach tree. After an hour he knocks on the kitchen window and wants back in:)

Evelyne said...

Lovely stitching so far!!
Difficult to choice the right colour red.
I love red colours also!
I'm glad your cats are warm and cosy.
My cat Bling is always out and is never inside no matter what the temperature is.

Stay warm and happy stitching, Evelyne

Carol said...

Even though you think and re-think your color choice, the final result is always great, Marly! There are so many great shades of DMC red, it really is hard to pick. I invariably go with 221 (the old Prairie Schooler go-to color!).

Glad this is the last night in the "Polar Vortex"--it's been bad, but not as bad as some of those states like Minnesota and Wisconsin! I'm glad the kitties are warm and cozy inside.

Anonymous said...

HI! Freezing here too in Massachusetts. A few of my old ducks have arthritis and we found a pad that you microwave and it stays warm pretty much overnight (tucked in under the straw) It's actually made for animals. In a pinch we used to microwave flannel bags of uncooked rice (can get very hot so you have to wrap in a towel of two) or put gallon jugs of hot water into the duck house. Maybe that would work for you wild furbabies. And right now I have one of the ducks (the spoiled one) in the house. Ducks are a lot of work. sigh. Annie

Rugs and Pugs said...

This weather is tough on the furbabies. Ellie (with me) and Loocie (with DSO) both had a terrible time with their paws when it was below zero. Thankfully it is a bit warmer today (5 degrees!) and they've done a little better.
Love your horse!
Stay warm and safe.
Hugs :)

Maggee said...

This weather is brutal for everyone and everything! We had no heat at work until late afternoon. So glad I wore layers! Soon as I got home, I put my jammies, robe and slippers on! Glad Squeaky is still around. I know you will pick a good combo in the reds. Can't wait to see! Hugs!

Mary A said...

The reports that we are getting from the Midwest and east are horrific! We in CA are worried about everyone and that includes the furkids. Glad that you can fill the hours with your stitching, Marly. Stay warm. Mary

Barb said...

My craft room looked a mess today! Colors can be such a pain!!!! You are very kind for taking in the cats. You are welcome to come to Seattle-that is if rain suits you. We are in the high 40's but dark and rainy.

Pam in IL said...

I can't tell you how many times I've made changes when stitching with 1 thread because the color differences don't show up. I can't wait to see your chosen reds in those flowers. I also can't wait for the house to quit it's popping and being able to look out my windows again! The -13F this morning felt like a heat wave after the -22F yesterday.

Lida said...

No snow, no ice, no Winter cold, overhere it is all messed up with the weather, some roses are in full bloom and that while they have no leaves! But they promised us that the Winter will finally come next week! I hope so, because all kind of bugs are still awake and there will be lots more next summer if it does not start freezing! So count your belssings and enjoy the Winter beauty! Love the way the cats are enjoying there stay indoors! Hugs,

Chris said...

I think that your sampler is looking great. I know that you have probably figured out all the colors and it is fabulous. Thanks for the update on the brats :) They look quite content.

Karen said...

I love you for helping these fur children!

Jean Bee said...

Love your blog! FYI...I soak a lot of my floss (DMC) in walnut crystal dye (you could use coffee, tea or vanilla). I really like the different shading I get and it's not so "bright". I have a lot of floss that I would no longer use if I didn't dye it.
Cold here in Wisconsin but going out today for the first time in five days!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Gorgeous reds !
Warm weather coming by the end of the week ! yeah.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Marly,
Glad you brought the "brats" in. I'm amazed that a piece of plywood propped up kept them in place. Love your horses stitchery, I might have to get that one.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well....I think my fingers have finally unfrozen long enough to be able to manage a keyboard again. Eeek....that was BRUTAL! Here in Nod, we are accustomed to the cold and snow...but when the actual temps are in the -30's and the windchills in the -50's, that's when I, at least, say uncle.... Even the Snow Dog chose the couch over his snowbank the last few days. Anywho....glad you provided such a splendid B&B for the kitties.... Every now and again a kitty that doesn't belong to us comes our way, but we don't treat them as strays since the farmer up the road has a mittful of barn cats....and I think they just come to visit...Hope they hunkered down in the barn these past few nights! I'm loving your horsey!! And RED!! GLORIOUS RED!!! I don't care what subtle shading you do to it, it's red and that's all that matters. ;o) There are, however, benefits in being to chickens#*t to change up charted colors....one never has to decide on alternatives then.... ;o) Smiles & Thawing-out Hugs ~ Robin

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