Mar 22, 2014

Crabby. Really crabby.

Good day nice people.  It's me.  The crab.  We all have those days when we are just crabby, don't know why, don't care why, but we snap and claw at everything.  Sometimes we come out of it rather quickly, sometimes it lasts for days, sometimes it embeds itself and stays a lifetime.
I've been frustrated with stitching lately, contributing to the snarky mood.  The little project that I expected to be an easy stitch has not been. 
 I made so many errors in placement and removed one side twice.  My bad habit of following the design from what I've already stitched bombed.  This is a reproduction, not symmetrical, and my failure to count correctly and follow the graph has made me want to stick that needle elsewhere.  I doubt if I will continue.  3022, 3829 (or 420) and 926 were my chosen colors and the inner straight line border was going to be left out.  I had to change the bottom because it was off one in the width and I also didn't follow the graph in height.  Putz.  I think it's best to stick with my alphabets and let the rest go for quite a while.  If the next project starts poorly, a fierce slump is inevitable.
Do you have trouble chewing the stems of asparagus?  I do.  I use a peeler but prefer slicing and sauteing rather than the usual method.  Garlic and salt, a little oil/butter and much easier to chew.  Good grief I'm getting old. 
 The brat queen is still tearing up my chair but they are spending more and more time outside now. 
I think tomorrow evening I will post the journals on the Journals page/tab, and you will have to choose a label number when ordering.  Instead of making them up now, I will have them ready and affix your label choice when ordered.   A post will let you know when the offer starts.
Enjoy your weekend!  Thanks for visiting.



cucki said...

Aww I am little crabby here too :) but hopefully I will be fine in my dreams :)
Love the brat queen...
Huge hugs for her and for you too xxx

Robin in Virginia said...

Awww Marly, we all have our crabby moments (or days). Your sautéed asparagus stems look quite yummy.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Barb said...

I have had many similar days!! The stitching errors are enough by themselves. I have done exactly the same thing!!!

Melissa said...

Oh, Marly, you make me laugh! I love the Lucy cartoon as I've been told (ahem) that I am like her, sometimes! I love Lucy!

I was thinking of doing that little sampler too but was waiting to see what you came up with as you are always so creative. I am sorry that it's caused you so much grief. That happened to me on another popular sampler many years ago. While I saw other finishing their samplers, I was still stumbling over the counting, so I know how you feel.

I hope you get a crabbiness break soon! ;-)

Penny said...

Oh my..... I've had days like that, too, and projects that have caused me much angst.... One in particular I just left done wrong.... luckily it was big enough and not terribly noticeable... to anyone else at least. Hang in there.... better days are coming!
Asparagus looks great.... I do have a hard time chewing the stems.

Krista said...

You are funny Marly, but I know exactly how you feel! I have been in a crabby place for a few days now, hope it doesn't hold on for a lifetime though! lol!
Don't give up on the peacocks, maybe try on a better day. Love the idea with the asparagus. Will try it that way sometime. Enjoy the weekend!

C M Designs said...

Marly, you just need a nice, warm sunny day out on your swing. That'll fix you right up.
The kitty is beautiful and it sounds like she/they are becoming your pets..
I love asparagus wrapped in ham and smothered with cheese sauce.. I like it raw too with a dip.
Enjoy your weekend.
Charlotte in Virginia

Maggee said...

Funny.. my husband told me today that I have been crabby for a month! I am thinking I just don't do well under stress (at work), in prolonged cold weather (!), when doing taxes (!), and sometimes he just ticks me off! Let's hear it for crabbiness!! I'm going to take a Serene Day (, cause we are going out after dinner... Hugs to you, my friend!

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon Crabby, oh I mean Marly :). Think it's the weather here making me crabby, so cold and tons of snow, yuk....Hope tomorrow is better, Hugs Francine.

village folk art said...

I'm crabby everyday ... don't like asparagus, weird huh? LUV your adorable Queenie Brat ... I'll take her, if Kody won't mind.

Peace and Blessings to all,

Margaret said...

You're allowed to be crabby. I do that periodically too. lol! The stitching is going to look great. I can tell you are a perfectionist. Love the pic of the furry one. Too bad about the claws.

Brenda said...

Aweee I'm sorry you are feeling so crabby! I know we all have those days. I like to try and start a NEW SMALL project to help get me in a better mood. Just a suggestion on what I do to help my crabby mood......oh....and a small piece of chocolate too!! :) I hope you feel better soon.

I love asparagus. I fix ours by cutting in small pieces, place on pan, drizzle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese. Bake for about 10min or until tender and cheese is melted. Sprinkle lightly with salt, eat and enjoy!

P.J. said...

My zodiac is Cancer so I am inevitably crabby. :) Hubby calls me crabapple; most appropriate I think. I snap my asparagus where it bends and discard the woody bottoms. Might have to try the sauté sometime. Crab on!

Shirlee said...

You? Crabby? I won't believe it : ) And speaking of believing, can you believe I've never, ever had asparagus? I've never even known anyone who eats it ... until now : )

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