Mar 22, 2014

Crabby. Really crabby.

Good day nice people.  It's me.  The crab.  We all have those days when we are just crabby, don't know why, don't care why, but we snap and claw at everything.  Sometimes we come out of it rather quickly, sometimes it lasts for days, sometimes it embeds itself and stays a lifetime.
I've been frustrated with stitching lately, contributing to the snarky mood.  The little project that I expected to be an easy stitch has not been. 
 I made so many errors in placement and removed one side twice.  My bad habit of following the design from what I've already stitched bombed.  This is a reproduction, not symmetrical, and my failure to count correctly and follow the graph has made me want to stick that needle elsewhere.  I doubt if I will continue.  3022, 3829 (or 420) and 926 were my chosen colors and the inner straight line border was going to be left out.  I had to change the bottom because it was off one in the width and I also didn't follow the graph in height.  Putz.  I think it's best to stick with my alphabets and let the rest go for quite a while.  If the next project starts poorly, a fierce slump is inevitable.
Do you have trouble chewing the stems of asparagus?  I do.  I use a peeler but prefer slicing and sauteing rather than the usual method.  Garlic and salt, a little oil/butter and much easier to chew.  Good grief I'm getting old. 
 The brat queen is still tearing up my chair but they are spending more and more time outside now. 
I think tomorrow evening I will post the journals on the Journals page/tab, and you will have to choose a label number when ordering.  Instead of making them up now, I will have them ready and affix your label choice when ordered.   A post will let you know when the offer starts.
Enjoy your weekend!  Thanks for visiting.


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