Mar 23, 2014

Journal notice and a comfort stitch!

Good morning!  How's the weekend going for you?  I have cats in the house, snow spitting on my house, and this in my bag...
Give me stiff lower count linen, a size 24 needle, and I'm happy.  Ahhhhh.  This is me!!  Scarlet Letter's Bliss and Hinckley are two of my favorite small samplers.  So quick, easy to stitch, and simple in design, perfect when you need a comfortable project.  I've been wanting to stitch Lydia again since she left home in a giveaway.  I had a wide frame chosen for Frances but I think both will be sewn and hung from a peg or cupboard.  This chart was sold the end of February on EBay and looked like a newer print version.  Mine is from 1983.
A few journals will go on sale tonight at 8 pm EST, and there won't be any more of this style.  I receive emails scolding me for not posting at the sale start to remind you so I will! You will choose from the drop down menu which design you prefer.  Click on the Journal tab under my blog header to go to the sale page.  If you are redirected back to the sale page, that means they have sold out.  I've been searching for others and found a few that can be ordered but they are nicer than these paper mache and will be more in price.  I have decided to offer these for $10 including shipping, US only.  Shipping can't be combined because more than one jumps to Priority weight.
There are not many available so please don't order more than two.
I need to remove this 40 compression stocking and take a quick shower.  I have the full length with the hip panel and waist belt but still need the glue.  Friday it will come off until injections start again.  Wearing latex gloves to get it back on helps tremendously.  The first time I ever wore this heavy compression and removed it, it bunched at the ankle and I was losing circulation to my foot!  Could NOT get it off but eventually I stood on the end of it while pulling my leg out.  Summer is coming - don't forget to buy a bottle of It Stays for your sling backs and top straps. 
I'll leave you with a video I saw on Karin's blog Countryfolk Keepsakes.  She is so funny and her work is wonderful.  I'm a country music fan and totally clueless about current pop artists.  I'd heard of Pharrell so clicked on, and can't stop bouncing.  Hope it gets you smiling.
Clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth!

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