Mar 10, 2014

Dirty books

Happy Monday, if that's possible.  It is. 
 Any day we are still here to complain is a happy day. 
I've had these fabric covered journals for years but their bright fabrics were too much.  Yesterday when trying to rid the house of clutter, I came across my pan for dyeing with the Rit bottles inside.  My journals were on the pile of .. I want but don't use.  Hmmm.  I mixed two dark colors and started brushing it on.  Didn't work.  Remember the sofa I want to dye and haven't yet?  The protective sizing on most all fabrics needs removed in order to accept the dye.  I mixed a little Dawn with water and sprayed the sofa, and had to do the same with the journals.  I still plan on testing a taupe shade on the back of the sofa.  After the fabric dried, it worked, so I brushed on the dye, dapped excess, and put them in front of small heater to dry quickly.  Then I used the Ranger ink pads and rubbed them over the edges of the fabric and the papers.  Dirty little books.  As I said before, if you don't like to dust and aren't a great housekeeper, primitive is the way to go.  No one knows if your items are supposed to look dusty and dirty, or if they actually are. 
The large red one is the color these all used to be.  The covers are pretty sturdy and didn't warp much because of the quick drying.
Not very interesting but it's all I got because I'm still in a horse race.
I talked to CA yesterday and Marcie is up and walking (difficult with the right side paralysis), talking, and doing well.  Her sis Cheryl is also a patient now.  She developed pains Friday, they found her EKG to be abnormal and her catherization is today.  Their brother had his first heart attack when visiting us 10 years ago.  I guess it's a given that everyone in my family will end up with a heart problem.
I'm off to the races!  You have no idea how badly I want a match. 
Have a good start to a great week ~ thanks for visiting.
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