Mar 16, 2014

Journal preview

Greetings.  It seems there is an error code that is not fixable when trying to change or add pages to blogger.  I've tried everything.  I listed a few journals for you to see under the Journals tab, which used to be something else but it was the only way I could post.  I may have problems listing them with the cart button, we'll see.  Right now I only have 8, the order hasn't come in, and I hope to know soon of the status.  I may stick to these four labels since the time and ink involved in sizing others is too much of a task for my horsed-out brain right now.  I've had several emails about this offer so I thought I would show you what's coming up.  I think the price will be $12 including US shipping.  Any more than one will outweigh first class and need to be priority so I can't combine costs.  No orders yet - just a preview.  Feel free to give your opinion, likes, or suggestions.  I'll let you know a few days before the sale.  Thanks!!
And if anyone wants to know what the sherpa thief opossum is up to, he has decided to make that box his home and takes the deer's bread inside it and dines.  It's warming up at night, downright balmy compared to a month ago, but the brats want to stay in.  I think I've created little monsters.  My brother said they can sleep soundly and feel safe inside, instead of being on alert when outside.  Makes sense.
Hope the new week will be a good one for you.
Thanks for stopping by!
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