Mar 30, 2014

Who wants Hannah Haines??

Hi everyone.  Got snow?  I do.  Several inches that will melt in a day or two, and I plan on celebrating it as being the last. 
I will be finishing Hannah in a day or two and since there is interest in finding this OOP chart, I thought I would offer it.  A little more border and one more line of stitching ~ decision time. 
Frame?  That would be nice.  My wonky style pictured it as a sack with an end flap and big black button, perfect size for my rulers.  And then I happened to set down my 10.1 tablet after cleaning the screen.  I've been looking for a pouch and this sampler's size is perfect.  But do I want a padded pouch for it or a stand?  A stand, which I haven't found locally since the majority are for iPads.  They are available online so maybe I will order and make the pouch to hold the tablet in its stand.  Or not. 
And here's some news - I think I finally have a cabinet maker!  After 18 months of waiting for broken promises from four carpenters, this gentleman named Dominic (my dad's name), is meeting with me Monday morning in his shop.  Here's the catch.  I can't have what I planned.  He will only make the three cabinets I purchased doors for, won't install, won't come out to the house for measurements, won't do the fridge cabinet, won't do the large corner pantry cupboards in the new room.  At this point, I don't give a damn.  I just want things back in order, painted, completed.  I will never get what I wanted or the changes I drew unless I order an entire new kitchen.  My cabinets are solid wood, I like them, I refuse to replace the entire lot in order to get a few additional.  If Ed can't come to help us, we will be doing the additional features ourselves.  Am I disappointed?  Yes.  But it's just a kitchen and I will accept what I have and let it go.   Right after I mail this sweet thank you note to the cabinet makers that failed me..
"Just want to thank you for telling me to purchase custom doors from my cabinet company in order to save you time and setup. Your dishonesty caused me to pay a load of shipping costs. I also appreciate your efforts to feign integrity by making promises you failed to keep. Your lack of respect for customers waiting months only to find out you now refuse their calls is unparalleled.  Since your business has reached the top of these negative ethics, your work probably reflects the same . I will be happy to tell others and encourage them to tell their friends, too.  Word of mouth is certainly important in any business."
Don't mess with Mother Menopause.
Anyway, if you would like to have Hannah Haines in your stash, leave a comment on this post, initials if anonymous, and Random will choose on Thursday at 8pm EST. 
Have a great day!!


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