Apr 12, 2014

Hingeing on more decisions

Happy weekend to you.  Ours will be warm and sunny, hopefully drying some of the mud from the rain which is packed into little paws of a princess that doesn't bathe very often.  As you can see, I'm still getting attitude.  Today I have to make a decision on hinges.  The ones originally chosen many moons ago, are discontinued.  Of course they are.  So I found three options, two of which show just the barrel and the other is the iron H.  Might be nice for a change since the cabinets are painted.  Currently they are barrel only and painted the same as the wood so not noticeable at all.  I can always paint over the hinge as I did in the dining room. 
The kitchen's doors are 3/8" offset but Acorn makes the usually flush H for those also.  The only thing for sure is they will be black as will the counter top.  Barrel or H?  I'm leaning towards H but may fall over and bump my head causing a change to barrel. 
Coming back from another trip to the county courthouse (which is so beautiful) we stopped at the antique shop in Volant and I bought this tall cheese box.  Not extremely old but I don't care.  I like old wood and had an extra $20 in my pocket.
 I just love my gourd bowl/spoon and vase from Fanatic's Country Attic.  No wonder I couldn't find the beans for the French Market soup.  You know how we walk around with something in our hand, get distracted, set it down, and then can't find it?  Yesterday I went into my craft closet and there it was.  The coffee cup that had been missing for quite some time, along with some dried up green stuff inside. 
And here's Liberty.  I have to say that for all the dips - both dye and bleach - that the DMC endured, you really can't see much difference in the new stitching compared to the abused.  The 221 is slightly darker so I dipped that skein, only because of it being the border.
This weekend is also decision time for the slide in range, hammered copper sink, and new faucet.  Am I making a mistake going with copper?  I would like to have a quartz counter top with an undermount sink in the same material and color but so far have been told NO.  I've found that some salesclerks don't look further than the store shelves.  Absolute black granite is second choice, but all the suppliers are telling me that honing it to take off the shine is a mistake and they don't like to do it, costing quite a bit more. Does anyone anywhere give the customer what they want?  And the range quandary - stick with Jenn Air downdraft or install a cabinet depth slide out ventless hood?  Jenn Air has such bad reviews and I need to consider that.
Sorry I dump all my boring stuff on you but that damn cat ignores me.  No help at all.
Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!


cucki said...

Hello dear it's so true it happens with me so many time ..the other day I found my book in one of my clothes cupboard.. I don't know how it get there..
Your sampler is looking so lovely x
Hugs and love x

Lanie said...

Hi Marly ... have you considered soapstone for your countertops ... we installed soapstone about 10-12 years ago and absolutely love them ... very period appropriate and you can get soapstone sinks as well.

Barb said...

The sampler is looking great!Good luck with all the decisions! Remodeling can be very stressful!

Beauty Bonnet said...

Love 'hearing' your thought process about the remodelling.. from countertop to hinges, best to think it over and get it right rather than have to change after!
your sampler is very colorful, so cheerful!

butterfly said...

Your sampler is coming on great , best of luck with the decisions .
We are in the middle of remodeling right now , it can be fun and stressful at the same time.

Margaret said...

Your sampler's colors are wonderful! You are such a stickler for detail! I don't know if I could handle having to decide on things like hinges for the cabinets. Everything you are talking about for your kitchen sounds lovely. Copper sink -- oooooh, fantastic! Hope you can find the perfect material for your counters. I also hope you show pictures when everything is done!

rosek1870 said...

Your kitchen sounds better all the time. I can't wait to see it. Just and idea if you want a mat finish Have you considered a concrete counter top?? I saw them at a home show and you may like the finish and they can do any color you want. Just a thought.

Love your stitching as always.

moosecraft said...

That cheese box is a good deal at twenty bucks... I would have bought it too! :-) We have quartz countertops in our kitchen and they are fabulous. No maintenance (like granite) and they are very durable and resistant to bacteria. Our kitchen is 7 years old and still looks brand new (yes, I actually cook in it, lol)... as for the sink... decide before you get the countertop installed as drilling into the countertop needs to be done (with water) at the manufacturer. Our guy "forgot" to do that and was unable to properly install the undermount sink... and eventually the epoxy let loose and the sink fell into the cabinets (yes... with water in it)... SO... next time I'm insisting on an enamel farmhouse sink (with apron) LOVE those!

kelley said...

Love the cat attitude...it's what they do best...

Volant, PA? I live over by Youngstown, OH

Chris said...

Lots of decisions, i know that you will be happy with what you pick and won't it be nice when it is all done?
Lovely stitching. And the princess is definitely shooting you some shade.

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