Apr 15, 2014

My buds are frosted

Stop snowing!!!!  Those aren't flowers on that crab tree, it's white crap.  All the trees and plants are coated but the greening grass refuses.  After being covered under a heavy blanket for so long, it is not allowing this stuff to smother any longer!! 
Dominic wasn't grasping the details or the design -so more days of relentless graphing and cardboard cabinets and templates of various sizes and foam board cutouts, ended with basics.  I give up. Working with existing sizes and a guy that doesn't deviate from standard wasn't easy. Tomorrow, only three cabinets will be built.  Good enough for now.  I drew the specs for the third cabinet while in the car outside the bakery.  Done. 
Five cabinet makers, and not one answered yes to my question .. "are you familiar with David T. Smith, Kevin Ritter, or Sunderland?" 
Liberty is almost completed and I hope to relax and catch up with the world this evening.  Right now I need to clear the kitchen of the mess and put a heat pack on my neck.  Tomorrow I will give in and buy bigger panties.  Hopefully there won't be a bakery close by.
I hope your week has started out well~
thanks for stopping by.


Vickie said...

We got snow last night too. puh! Take care of yourself.♥

Lanie said...

Oh Marly I am so sorry that you have not found what you wanted ... it is so frustrating to know what you want is do-able but finding someone to trust and share your vision is at times difficult. But this I am sure of...once you have 'Marly-up'd" your basic cabinets, they will be beautiful!!! Your design style is wonderful!

C. M. Designs said...

I certainly wish that it was so that you could have David T. Smith working on your kitchen.. I've seen some of his work and it's gorgeous..
I'm going to have to cover my tulips, pansies and petunias tonight.. The temperature is going down to 28 degrees.. Blech !
I'm sure your kitchen will be beautiful.

cucki said...

Oh no
Very sad ..strange weather
Keep warm x

Penny said...

Hi Marly.... just a thought for you... When we restored the house I'm in now, I showed the contractor a few pics of David T. Smith's work, letting him know that was the kind of kitchen I would like to have. He said, "Why not use him?" He called, and D.T. Smith did my kitchen!! He flew here to this tiny little village of 800 people here in NY from his home in Ohio... AMAZING!! Maybe you can get in touch, too??? (He also did my bathroom vanities and some built-in drawers in the MBR...)
The title of this post cracked me up... my buds will be frosted tomorrow a.m. .... :) Ugh.

Carol said...

Sure hope you can get these cabinets built the way you want them, Marly--don't settle! They'll be beautiful when done--hope Penny's suggestion above will work for you. That would be ideal!!

Yep, snow--perfect for tax day... Sigh...

dogwoodfarm said...

David Smith and Kevin Ritter both do awesome work!!
I'm sure they could make your vision come alive and then some, they both speak our language!!
Love your style and sense of humor!!

Primitive Stars said...

Never ending, we had snow on the weekend, yuk.... Love the tree though, looks so pretty still, Blessings Francine.

Margaret said...

I hope there's no snow around here. Cold, yes, it's coming. Sorry about the cabinets. :( I think it's really hard to find real cabinet makers anymore. How about the guys in the workshop at Williamsburg? :D :D

Barb said...

It must be so frustrating when you want a David T. Smith type kitchen and the guys have never heard of him!

Simply Victoria said...

Snow here too this a.m. Thankfully it melted quickly but still.
Hope your cabinet ordeal will be over soon.

Pam in IL said...

We had the snow yesterday and it is still covering some areas. If it were December maybe I'd kinda be excited about snow, lol. Sorry you're having such a rough time finding a cabinet maker.

Karen Martinsen said...

Morning Marly,
I wish everyone had a builder like we had for our screen room...it's not your typical screen porch, it's a room and I didn't have a blueprint...it was in my head...I described it to the builder and he came back with sketches....BINGO...it was like he was in my head, got it on the nose. If only he was everywhere at once you would be happy with him!!!
Now I know David T. Smith is huge for cabinet making and well sought after...good choice if you take him.

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