Apr 6, 2014

Stitch wimp strikes again

Hello hello hello!  How did your weekend go?  Anyone still seeing the white stuff?  Today was sunny and wonderful, hopefully a preview of coming days.
I'm wimping out again and decided on another small and simple marking sampler.  Either of these.  One is under 7"x7" and the other is 6"x8" on 28 count.  Perfect.  Eliza and Ann Wragg are still on my mind and will be coming up soon.
I have this old PS design, The Fox and the Grapes from 1986 done on 14 Aida.  I want to stitch it on linen and instead of spending $4.50 on Ebay for the card, I will stitch from this piece.  They don't call me a bonehead for no reason.  But the symbols on those small cards are sometimes very hard to see and the stitchery isn't.  All those years ago, I discarded my charts (including the Scarlet Letter's) after completing so I doubt if I still have it.  This is easier to see anyway.
I also have a gripe to air. Most of my old charts are leaflets in plastic bags.  It irritates me when I have to remove the chart from the bag to search for the stitch count, and tightens my britches even more when there is NO stitch count.  I want to see the count on the front or back, not inside, so when I'm browsing I can compare sizes and what linen pieces would be usable.  Instead, I have a mess and most times need to count and estimate finished size.  Am I nit-picking?  Be honest.  I can take it.  Tomorrow, I am going through all these samplers and adding a note with this information so I no longer have to put up with these tight panties.  They've gotten tight enough on their own and I REFUSE to purchase a larger size.  I don't care if they cut off my circulation and make new varicose veins, I am not getting a bigger size.  As long as I'm complaining, I might as well throw in the floss.  I love GAST and other variegated threads, but since the beginning I have been using DMC skeins and pulled out what I needed.  So easy.  I do not like having to untie and re-tie, or wrap and unwrap, but I've decided they are too nice to forego because of that.  I am old and set in my ways, but I guess I will move them all to floss cards and get over it.
I feel very drafty today.  My hair used to be coarse, thick, and wild ~ now it is soft, fine and limp.  Damn hormones. Or lack thereof. I thought if I cut a little off the heavy back, it would take off some weight and lift it.  I grabbed the entire mid section of the back and held it between two fingers.  Unfortunately, I cut on the wrong side of my fingers.  There's a hole now.  At least the Walmart cut is now blended.
No word from the latest cabinet maker. Again. I was as accommodating as I could be, told him to use the wood of HIS choice, on HIS time....I was nice dammit!!!  When I asked for a feature and he stalled, I said forget it - no problem.  It killed me, but I was nice.  I'll give him until Tuesday to call me.  I know where he lives.
Geez.  Lots of complaining for a wimp, no?
Hope your week starts off good and gets better.
Stay safe, thank you for visiting!


Rugs and Pugs said...

I hooked Betsy Cotton many, MANY years ago!!!
Thanks for always making me smile (or laugh) with your rants. You're my kind of woman.
Hugs :)

Robin in Virginia said...

I don't think you are a wimp at all! I love the smaller samplers that you have been stitching and showing on your blog. I hope the latest cabinet maker comes through for you.

Have a fabulous start to your week!

Robin in Virginia

butterfly said...

Some times its nice to stitch smalls , all lovely .

Chris said...

I think that both small samplers are very sweet. Maybe you should just stitch them both up and move on to Ann Wragg. She is in my line up too. I need to get a Charleston sampler stitched and since I visited with her in January she has been on my mind.

cucki said...

So sweetx

C M Designs said...

I know how it is, Marly, when you want something and can't have it. It makes one cry inside.. I would think a cabinet maker could make All kinds of cabinets..
I, being an "old" beginner, look for small samplers.. I wouldn't attempt to stitch the big ones..
Your humor always puts a smile on my face.
I enjoyed this past weekend but am feeling the bending and stretching that I did while working in my garden.. However, I'm looking forward to more of it.
Hoping that you and your family will have a good week ahead.

Margaret said...

I love that Fox and Grapes pattern too. And your new choices. Stitch count isn't considered a necessary piece of info, somehow, is it? (I don't like overdyed floss.)

Vickie said...

Whew! Well, um, I am praying for you? Take care now. :)

Kellie from Indiana said...

I can't tell you how many times Ive had tons of opened charts on the bed trying to figure stitch count and if I have enough linen to stitch up a design. It gets to be a hot mess, and confusing, and I usually then resort to the smallest, simplest design. Yes, they should put the count on the front or back of the chart.

Jean Bee said...

I also have a lot of DMC floss and I'm determined to use it. I took several skeins and put them in some walnut crystal dye - the entire skein - I didn't unfold it. It really turned out great shading.
Looking forward to seeing your cabinets as I'm thinking of re-painting mine too.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

You are one fired up, gal! Love your smallish samplers, I know I have at least one of them in my stash and agree with you about the stitch count on charts!

Barb said...

My motto is stitch whatever calls you at the moment!! I know all about the hair problem. My DS and I both had nice straight hair till our 50's-60's. Mine is sort of a wavy mess and hers is very curly!!!

Solstitches said...

I love small and simple and am always intrigued to see how you finish the pieces you stitch.
I love that PS design too.

Mary A said...

Damn woman but you make me laugh! This was the only laugh that I had today and today was a very bad day. Thank you, Marly, for saying the things that women of a certain age need to say. Damn menopause....

Deb Riddell said...

LOL Marly, you crack me up! See, our Mother's were NOT right when they said we could attract more flies with honey than with vinegar :O) Hope the cabinet maker comes through for you and that Spring is sprung in your neck of the woods.

My Colonial Home said...

Glad you got that all of your chest...LOL
I too do not like looking for things on patterns when I purchase them.
I bought some punch needle patterns once and the package was sealed so I asked the clerk to open it so I could find the colors I needed, she didn't like that at all...but how could i get the needed floss for heavens sake.
I put all important information on the backside of my patterns to show through the plastic bag so my customer doesn't have to open anything so find fabric size, floss colors.
Glad you got the scissors out to cut your hair...I do it all the time and now and then make a wrong cut but then I just adjust the rest to fit in...lol

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