Apr 5, 2014

The process

Happy Saturday.  Another weekend closer to summer.  Hope it's a good one for you.
I'll be stuck in my usual position, graph paper in hand, making no progress on unfinished house projects.  I've mentioned many times that Glenna's statement could not be more fitting .... indecision=paralysis.
I did sew Frances and Lydia in my usual finishing method.  The hanger, be it leather lace or hemp, will be attached later.  Except for ornaments, I don't like to sew the hanger in the seam since I am always moving and changing. 
I can add the hanger if I find the perfect cupboard for it, or unpin it and throw it in a bowl.  Hannah will be sideways as a reminder that we all have those days.
I was very surprised to find that Hannah only needed a few patches. For being 25 count and using black floss, I expected to see many carried threads. The letters are so close, it wasn't noticeable. This linen is so stiff it was very easy to square the piece before fusing the lightweight interfacing.  I really like Hannah against those two chosen fabrics and considered a sewing pouch, but I use my see through folders in a file for projects.  I love the bags, she's the perfect size, fabulous with the fabric, but I still resist.  Putz.
Another golf bag arrived. I used the plastic bag protecting it to encase the cardboard box and the brats have a fun tunnel.  They are protected from the wind and rain and are having a ball.  Bud and Missy are in there now, probably necking.   Now the process of choosing the next project begins.  Nancy Nurse?  Ann Wragg?  Eliza?  Another small?  More than that confusion is the linen dilemma.  Which color?  What count?   I really dread this process.  Usually something happens that determines the piece without much thought, but not this time.  Too bad.
My brother found a few pieces from Pat's stash that I was offering until I saw the shipping rates.  These are the old style Sudberry cheeseboards and a mirror.  I tried taking a photo of a straight scratch that is on the mirror but you can only see it at a certain angle which I couldn't photograph.  Doesn't matter. When I created a link for you to estimate postage, I saw that it's more than double the $5 price to CA for ONE.  Ridiculous.
So that's about it.  Dull dreary rainy days, but no snow.
Lots of chores today since the week was so busy so I best be moving my behind.
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for visiting.



Robin in Virginia said...

Lydia and Frances both look great, Marly! Love the colors in each.

Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

cucki said...

Both looking so lovely...
Enjoy the lovely weekend
Big hugs x

The Woolen Cellar said...

I follow your blog on Bloglovin and so love the things you do, especially your mix of colors. Is there a place where I could order your patterns?

jhm said...

Are you selling the Sudberry items? THe comment was a bit obscure on the point. Let me know if you are selling.


Margaret said...

Beautiful work as always. I like your style. Great idea on the cat protection from the rain. Hope they are happier outside.

Mimiplum said...

It's a nice sampler !
bonne soirée

Chris said...

Lovely finishing on those small samplers. So glad that the cats are happy.

Anne said...

I love your Hannah pillow and thanks for the photo on the back with the interfacing under the black threads. I've heard about that method but thought it was just with fabric...interfacing makes sense!! Anyways, lovely finish Marly!

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