Apr 16, 2014

The top twenty

Greetings.  The grass gave up and is covered.  The birds are shivering.  The cats are back inside.  They say it won't last long because it will climb to 40 degrees today.  Oh boy.  Get out the sandals.
Melissa at Words and Blooms asked - if you have 20 years to stitch one big sampler a year, what would they be?   That's a tough question. I would like to list samplers that I want on my wall, but someone else stitched.  I know that many of my wants are projects I would never tackle for whatever reason.  Lack of patience for a BAP, lots of over one stitching, beautiful borders requiring color changes every few stitches, to mention a few.  Is my aging a factor and would I have stitched more intricate samplers years ago?  Maybe.  But I'm still drawn to marking samplers because of their simplicity.  That's why I label myself a stitch wimp, and if I attempted some of these questionable projects, I may finish them without incident, but my gut tells me otherwise.  It wouldn't hurt to try, but I will only list samplers that I feel may actually be stitched, not just wishful thinking.
Could you choose a favorite from your completed samplers?  Even tougher!  Look at the samplers from Margaret, Glenna, Carol Sims, and bloggers that continue to work on the bigger and fancier girls.  Each one a treasure.  Hannah Breed is at the top of my list, but what about Lydia, Fanny, Mary, Safrona, Mary, Eunice, Mary, Thankful, Eliza, Margaret...the list goes on.  I love them all.
Isn't Liberty sweet?  Time to start thinking about who will be next.
Thanks for the kitchen comments.  When I saw that Penny has Smith's work in her home I had to stop myself from turning green.  He's in Ohio, I'm in PA and I'm sure I could have contacted him.  I've been visiting his site from the very beginning. The problem - we're retiring and I can't see justifying the cost of an entire new kitchen when we need to replace the cedar siding and windows. We're adding additional cabinets and details to what we have, which are solid wood and well built, new appliances, counter, sink and faucet. 
Still lots of decisions to make throughout the house and I have to wonder.  If I ever had the chance to build another home, would I be able to decide on a design?  Yes!  Starting with a clean slate is so much easier.  
I wonder how many items I will misplace today because the sampler bucket list will be distracting me.  Hopefully, no more than four.
Have a good one!
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Robin said...

Liberty is looking fabulous, Marly! Personally, I don't think you are a stitch wimp. I am glad there are so many styles of samplers out there. I love the marking samplers that you have been stitching and showcasing on your blog.

Robin in Virginia

Krista said...

Love the progress you are making on your sampler. I have a bucket list of must-stitch samplers.. I better get started, lol! We are shivering here in CT too! Keep warm!

Melissa said...

Liberty is looking great, Marly. I love the samplers you stitch. I was glad to read your comments about the "top twenty". I have a lot more smaller samplers I didn't even list. It was just a fun exercise to dream!

How crazy it is to still be getting snow! I hope warmer temperature comes your way soon!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

'LIBERTY' is looking wonderful. Am really looking forward to your finish.
I for sure dream in shorter spans of time. Finally reached half way with 'Eloise Williams". Am also sure I will not attempt another this big. Will do more of the smaller stuff as my hands and fingers are starting to feel the 'golden years'.
Sorry for your temps...we have been enjoying 70's but with crummy winds.

Peace to all,

cucki said...

wow liberty is looking so lovely..
oh dear my bucket list is over flowing here..longggggggg stitch...
sweet hugs x

Margaret said...

I love your Liberty. We got snow last night. Brrr. Of course it had to be the day I was going to the groceries. Scraped the car, grumbled a lot. lol! Samplers -- too many samplers to stitch.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I love the way Liberty is looking! The colors are wonderful! I have to think on my list as well... so many I'd love to stitch both big and small. The favorite of all I've stitched? It's like choosing a favorite child. I just can't do it. Well, not today, anyway.

JodiBlonde Fletcher said...

Liberty is beautiful. I love the colors. I am so glad you mentioned Hannah Breed. She just doesn't seem to get the respect she deserves. Everybody seems to want to do the larger samplers. She is on the wall in the hall of my house and I see her numerous times during the day. I have Sarah Tuel and Ann Bowers but if the house was burning and I could get one sampler it would be Hannah.

Chris said...

I don't think that I could come up with my top 20. Too many and like you said, some that I would like someone else to stitch for me.Sigh..

Maggee said...

I really like Liberty also--have to go back and see whose design it is! I have a few samplers in my stash that might not get stitched, tho I really do like them--so they would go on my list, perhaps completed by others also. Hugs!

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