May 14, 2014

Another day, another gallon

Greetings!  Hope your week is going smoothly.  I purchased Barbara Schlater from Etsy and love this little gem from Threads of Gold.   I also saw Hannah Lancaster on Ebay and it didn't sell, plus Lucy Redd is back on.  
Ran into more problems with the chosen Dekton counter top.  I thought I read that it comes in various thicknesses, but I can only get 3/4" which they don't recommend for walls, and it's a 6 week minimum.  Hmm.  I wanted the area behind the range covered with the counter material.  I also don't want to wait that long.  Back to square one?  I changed the paint too.  Now I am using Pratt & Lambert's Winslow Grey.  It's putty with more of a pinkish tone than greenish which is fine.  That means it won't be green under lighting.  I keep going lighter with each gallon.
Notice anything?  I guess if I dusted more often I would have noticed this.  If you look even closer, you'll see that the blue book is also upside down. 
And speaking of dusty - the dirt rollers are enjoying the warm weather, but insisting on spending their nights inside.  They're filthy!!!  He used to be shiny black.  My group of former vagabonds just love loose dirt.
Still making progress on the BBD sampler but from what I've seen, many of you will finish before I do.  Wasn't that sweet of them to share this project with us?
That's it - gotta run.
Stay safe and finish out your week with chocolate cake.
Thanks for visiting.


cucki said...

It's such a pretty sampler and your kitty is so cute ❤️❤️
Hugs x

Krista said...

A very sweet sampler. No worries, it may take me some time to finish the BBD as well! LOL

Vickie said...

Hahaha! I STARTED my week with chocolate cake. ;)

Penny said...

Haha about your upside down items!! Many years ago, we purposely took down a painting of roses in my MIL's bedroom and hung it upside down to see if she would notice.... Stayed that way until we decided to tell her, which was months!!
Your are a patient lady with all the pitfalls you have endured with your kitchen project.... Sure can't wait to see it finished up, b/c I know it will be fabulous!
Wonderful sampler... and your black cat looks like my daughter's... always some kind of crud on him!!

Barb said...

The new sampler is very pretty. You are way ahead of me, I still can't decide if I want to do the stitch along or not!

Pam in IL said...

Love your new sampler pattern. Hope you can find something suitable for behind the range.

Hmmm, I'm off to make chocolate cake since you suggested it!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Marly, love the sampler as always, so beautiful. Enjoy seeing pictures of your Kitty's too, Francine.

P.J. said...

Had chocolate cake in the middle of the week. ;) cute sampler and sweet swiffer on the deck. Hubby calls ours swiffer as she picks up all the dust bits around the house.

Margaret said...

lolol! I'm planning on making DH bake us brownies this weekend, with homemade frosting. does that count?? You crack me up with the upside down sampler and book. Good luck with the counter stuff. Seems there's something new every day, huh?

Melissa said...

You find the cutest samplers!

That's too funny about the upside down pieces!

Solstitches said...

Another lovely sampler for your collection Marly.
Upside down or not your displays are always awesome.
I'm interested to see your colour choices for the BD SAL.

Chris said...

Lovely little sampler.
I think I probably have some upside down things too. Silly cats.

Three Sheep Studio said...

The new sampler is lovely.
"End the week with chocolate cake ??" How about end each DAY with chocolate cake ?? Sound great to me !

gracie said...

Just think of the shelf as a creative space!

CJ said...

The new sampler is sweet. I also have dogs that love to roll in the dirt, especially just after a bath.

Look forward to seeing pics of your kitchen

Karen Martinsen said...

Your work is always so perfect! I really like this sampler.
I love the name you give your kitties...DUST Perfect!
We are in the process of new counters and now our back splash needs something and I'm not happy with the new counters we got so the other is going to be even harder to choose!

Maggee said...

Ha! I think I will flip something and see if anyone notices! Should be interesting. You always find the cutest samplers! Hugs!

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