May 16, 2014

Pay attention!!!

Hello all.  Thank you for the well wishes for my sister - she came through just fine.  I spent the entire day there because they want to check your rhythm for hours after the procedure.  I took the current project with me and couldn't believe the color difference under the CF bulbs.  My pinks were dirty purple!  The overhead fluorescent didn't affect them but the compacts in the waiting rooms did.  I stitched for a while but continued to make errors because I wasn't paying close enough attention to instructions.  Or the chart.  First, I followed the in progress stitch photo, but saw on the chart later that the repeat border has an area that is one stitch less.  First error. 
 The diving bands of the square stitch - wrong.  I should not have done them in regular cross.
Then I read that the two eyelet dividing bands are to be the same color.  I didn't look far enough ahead and thought that the band between the eyelet rows was the first and the second was beneath.  Well.  I have three eyelet rows and I don't know if the first was to be the same pink. 
 Am I the only one that speed reads charts?  Instead, I should be studying them and taking notes on my neon note pad. I used to.  But it seems I am always in a hurry or impatient, and one of these days I will miss something that throws off the entire sampler.  I don't have a problem with current errors because they won't affect the outcome, but I need to stop this practice.   There is nothing wrong with making changes, but I want them to be a choice I am aware of.
We had the air conditioner on, torrential rains, horrific lightning, hail, and today the furnace is back on.  Out came the sweat pants that were packed away. 
I received my new little sampler and I just love it.  Will probably be the next project.
Enjoy your weekend!
Thanks for visiting.
p.s. Why has everyone that comments turned into no-reply?  Is Blogger doing something?  I tried to reply to many that I have before, but they are all now no-reply!!! 
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