May 25, 2014

Memorial Day

Hi.  Please visit 2012's post here for my tribute to our enlisted we have lost from decades ago to present day. They gave everything, we can give them a day of honor and remembrance.
I'm still having problems with kitchen plans.  After finding out the Dekton countertop I planned won't work for my design, I went in to have the paint mixed only to be told Cabinet Coat can't be tinted in mid-range colors, only lights.  Four quarts of testing later, they still can't match my color.
Will be spending another day at the hospital for her second cardioversion, probably next week.  She's doing OK but needs to be out of fib because of other heart issues.
 My neighbors stopped Mark to ask him about "those damn cats".  Seems they want to "take care of them" in some way because they don't want animals on their precious property.  Mark explained that they are neutered strays so there won't be any litters (and fewer mice under their decks) but they want them gone.
I started the Barbara Schlater sampler after recharting the border which is Queen stitch. It worked out pretty well with only one stitch less in height and width and I can easily make that adjustment.  I'm not even changing any colors - just don't give a bug's wing at this point.  But changing from Queen to cross was a must. 
So tomorrow will be a somber day doing more outside work with my pal Advil.  I'm also going to order the range tomorrow and get another brand of paint.  If I am told it's no longer available, the paint doesn't match again, or I hear "people like you", I will emit a sound that could call in bigfoot and my rage will be sufficient to take him down.  Check your local newspapers Tuesday.
Enjoy your day ~ remember.
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