May 20, 2014


Hi stitching buds.  How's the world treating you?  We're getting more storms tomorrow but next week will be in the 80's.  WHAT???  Could it be?
My sampler is finished, I did the last line over two, moved the border in closer both top and bottom, and a few other errors leading to this.

And guess what it may be?
Sewn onto fabric as a cover for a 3 ring binder.  Fits perfectly.  It may go into a frame too but you know how that decision process goes.  Nowhere.  So we'll see.
  I received almost a hundred spam comments through email, but I'm not getting all of yours.  I may just close comments completely unless there is a giveaway.  
I think I will be taking a little break for a week or so and unplug. I need it. But - you never know! I just feel physically exhausted and emotionally drained.  So until then, or sooner, possibly Memorial Day, or my birthday in June, definitely by Christmas, maybe even tomorrow, take care ~ be good ~ treat yourself ~ hug often.
Stay well friends.
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