May 4, 2014

The final linen

Good morning to you.  How's the weekend going?  My furnace is still running day and night.  The warm up is coming the end of this week, so they say.  We've been working on the cabinet fixes and took a chance on correcting the legs - it worked.   Lots of sanding and sealing on the insides and tomorrow I will purchase the primer, or three more paint samples. 
Several of you asked if the Blackbird Chart was posted and you missed out.  Nope.  Once I see the design of the A, the rest of the letters are easy.  In fact, I usually just continue stitching letters without checking chart on most pieces, unless the spacing between is inconsistent.  So it wasn't hard to get a start, and if the chart has something different, that's OK too.
 I jumped the gun because I haven't been stitching and the longer I am not, the harder it is to start.  This was easy because I love it and the colors are simple.  It looks to be pretty worn, and in the end I think I will cut and remove the threads to be more like their antique piece.  So far- 3860, 3722, 3022, and antique gold wool. I chose 28 count natural because I sometimes have problems with wool on higher counts, but now wish it was 30.  I just noticed in the photo that I missed a stitch in the border. You can also see my cross over threads - lots of muslin snips will be on this back!
It started as apricot from this bunch of Paternayan from old needlepoint.  This really took a lot of mixing dye colors but I finally got the antique shade I was hoping for.   Should I have used the deep purple instead of 3860 DMC?  Too late.  I'm hoping this is enough of the gold to work through the alphabet and I think it will be.   Will I start again on another linen?  No.  The Sea Glass was fabulous with these colors, but I was afraid the wool threads would start shredding when pulled through the coarse fabric.  Maybe not - but this is all I dyed and I didn't want to take the chance.  I may work on it more this evening but that depends on how sore my arthritic right hand is after more sanding.  At least I have something to work on that I'm excited about.   Too many other projects going on and that can create a slump that is hard to crawl out of.
Enjoy your Sunday!
Thanks for visiting.
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